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where is the last bottle?


Any chance for an HTML or Mac build?


That is a good idea!

I have a Mac and I also want to play on web.

I'm following you!


Does this game still get updated because I would love some new rooms


Yes, it gets updated when the real location gets updated - so any improvements in the game will have to wait until they're done at the real location :)

What? I do not understand this so if the real location gets updated then the game gets updated


Yes, this is a digital version of the real location. So only if the real location is further build the digital version will be updated to reflect that.

Looks very cool, I’d love to visit it!

A small bug report: you can fall out of the world in the Restrooms. :-D


Oh no! The restrooms of doom! I'll fix it :)

Now I wish I lived in the Netherlands! Maybe if I go there someday...


You're more than welcome to visit if you're ever in the Netherlands!

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First of all, this is an amazing idea to market Pixeland, good job :) i might have to visit at some point

So, i didn't know you plan to have a voice acting / sound recording booth, that is so cool :)

Also, thank you for reminding me to  check out Kay's asset packs.

EDIT: And now you are planning a 3D printer as well? That will come in handy for some boardgame prototypes. I really like what is going on here.


Thank you! Yes, the recording booth is nearly complete - it just needs some final adjustments but then it's ready to use.

Looks cool, but I don't really understand the premise. It it basically a lobby for people to mess around in?

Yes, there's no goal and it's mostly to look around the construction site of the center we're currently building - in real life.

Oh, wow, I see! Cool.

Is the download button missing or am I just not seeing it?  Either way, looks like a fun idea and I will gladly support when I can!


Sorry, isn't very clear when a release date is set in the future but it'll launch tomorrow (December 23rd)


0800 PST tomorrow.


I like this! Looks awesome


I'm excited!