A downloadable project

A starter kit that includes various resources for hosting both physical and remote game jams.

Planned content
  • Pre-made promotional material (i.e. logos, flyers, banners) that'll work on an 'insert your name' base. They'll all have generic 'game jam' call-outs but you can name your jam, location or event whatever you wish.
  • Example rules and documents for hosting a jam. We'll list aspects that are important to think about when hosting either a remote or a physical game jam, these are meant to be very basic guidelines.
  • Lists of common resources when hosting or participating in game jams, this will include videos, articles, tools and game assets by various creators found online.
  • Pre-made game assets, a small package of pre-made game assets which are CC0 licensed and can be used by jammers. Includes common materials like sprites, 3D models, audio and fonts.
How much will the starter kit cost?

There are no costs, all included material is CC0 1.0 Universal licensed.

Who's involved?

At the moment just Kenney.

How will this help me host a jam?

There's a ton of aspects to running a successful jam. This package will be a bare bones starter kit, it'll always be necessary to do additional work and tailor the jam to your needs or wishes.

What if I want a ...global game jam? 👀

If there's enough interest there'll be a date/time and theme that locations or jams can choose to join each year to create a world-wide jam. This will be separate from the actual kit and you can host a game jam where, how and whenever you want.

What game engine will be targeted?

No specific game engine will be targeted and the kit can be used to host any kind of game jam.

When will it release?

Not sure yet, it's very early on although we'll share progress early on.