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Kenney Game Assets is a complete package of over 20,000 game assets. The pack includes images, audio files, fonts, 3D models and game sources (Construct 2). All assets fit together really well and come in various categories.

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  • 20,000+ game assets in over 300 categories!
  • 500 3D models
  • Licensed CC0 (public domain)
  • Includes vector source files
  • Support the creation of new assets
  • Works with any game engine


Included files are PNG, EPS/SVG/SWF, TTF, CAPX or OBJ depending on their file format. The files are compatible with most game engines on the market (Construct 2, Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, open source frameworks, RPG Maker etc.) and work on any platform.

- Added 'Getting Started with Game Development' guide
- Added 'Generic Items' preview
- Added 'Hexagon Pack'
08/10/2015: Added 'Roguelike Modern City pack'
02/10/2015: Added 'Jumper pack', 'Voiceover pack' and '3D roads'
31/07/2015: Added 'Racing pack' and 'Shooting Gallery pack'
06/07/2015: Added 'Roguelike Cave & Dungeons' and 'Voxel pack'
05/06/2015: Added '3D Minigolf pack' and 'Roguelike Indoors'
23/05/2015: Added 'Toy brick pack' and 'Roguelike characters'
31/07/2015: Added 'Racing pack' and 'Shooting Gallery pack'

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Published2 years ago
Tagsasset, assets, audio, elements, graphics
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


Get this asset pack and 3 more for $35.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Kenney Game Assets (V40) 110 MB


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Hey Kenney, there's a naming inconsistency in your character pack, most shirts are named '[colour]shirt#.png' and '[colour]arm_length.png', however, both the yellow and white colour seem to mix it up with 'shirt[colour]#.png' and 'arm[colour]_length.png', it's not that much an issue but I tyhink it'd be nice if it was a bit consistant. :)

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kenney take my new game in your game assets


Lovely assets!! Thanks Kenney!! And... I have a question. Front bar under the gun, in shooting game sample file does not exist. Where should I find?

It looks gorgeous. Nice work! Is there any indoor isometric tiles in the pack (floor, furnitures, etc.)?

Kenney, si pueden creen item de tienda ya que igual estoy creando una tienda con las plataformas 3d si pueden seria genia gracias slds

Ojala ra halloween cree Sprite :D

Hola buenas compre el pack, pero cuando salgan nuevas actualizaciones como las conseguir, por que es de por vida las actualizaciones cierto? Gracias Kenney.

Hello good buy the pack, but when updates are released as I can get, that is the true lifetime updates? Thanks Kenney.

Hola! Kenney Game Assets ya no se actualiza, llegó a su límite con más de 20,000 objetos! Aun así es una compra que no tiene pérdida. Ahora podés comprar el Kenney Game Assets 2 y se va a seguir actualizando.

Solo se paga una vez y las actualizaciones son gratis, para actualizar simplemente volvé a descargar el paquete cada vez que te avisen de una nueva actualización.

ok thank :c


Awesome assets. Hope to see the Roguelike expanded maybe in Asset Pack 2. Maybe with monsters too :)

Love the the new assets, hope you will make begin another asset pack, because this one was worth every penny!

Will i get steam key too if I buy here? Its easier to get updates there.

Nope, a Steam key must be purchased separately on Steam.

Just curious, why don't you give out steam keys with this bundle?


Good question, this bundle acts as a donation for the assets. In return, you get the whole bunch in one go but if you don't want to donate you could download all assets separately for free. The Steam version was released later than the Itch.io version, and to give people the incentive to donate again (and thus generate income to create more/new assets/updates) a Steam key isn't included with the purchase.

Hope you understand! It's a bit strange, but it helps generate much needed income to keep creating free stuff :)


Thank you so much for all those awesome assets !

You're awesome Kenney ;)

Thanks a lot for your hard work!


Thanks a lot! You're the best :3

hi sir kenny do you have an endless runner asset. Human like sprites not aliens.. hmm

Hi Kenney, just one question. If I purchase this pack, am I allowed to update my pack with future updates at no cost? Or do I have to buy future updates?


I can speak only as someone who purchased his various asset packs here, and has seen his posts on Reddit:

You can download any updates to this asset pack. Note that once he hits 20k assets in this collection he's planning on starting a new one, but even when I first purchased the collection back in March it was a great deal, and it's only gotten better.

So yes, free updates to this asset pack, and you can expect at least another 2,000 assets to be added. Kenney is awesome, just buy it. :)


Thanks, bought it :)

I'm new to making games. I still have a long way to go. Any tips on how to use these awsome packs.

Hi! Ich bought this awesome pack in january 2015 and now i lost my download link. I can't find it in my mail anymore. How can i get my link back again to download the latest version? I have already written you a mail. Thank you!

E-mail me your original e-mail used to purchase the assets and I'll get you a new link to download. Thanks!

Done, i send you a e-mail. Thank you!

Worked, thank you for all Kenney!


Hey Bata, you can recover all your itch.io purchases from our support page!


I had no idea! Was going to request a feature for this, thanks Amos!

Thanks, awesome!! Have a nice Day guys! :)

Hi! On top this page message what i buy pack and link to download. Don't need difficult actions ;)

Sorry for my bad english and what i post it to late. It may be useful in the future and for other people =)

Crowd funding pack isn't related to this anymore?

The pack previously known as Crowdfunding Pack has now merged with this pack, it includes all assets the Crowdfunding Pack contained.

I actually backed crowd funding pack at indiegogo. Can I download this?

Unfortunately not, the Crowdfunding Pack at Indiegogo was a separate purchase. You can still download the pack from the link e-mailed to you when you backed the project there.