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Kenney Game Assets 2 continues where the first bundle left off. With (free) monthly updates the pack will soon include thousands of images, audio files, fonts and 3D models for use with any game engine on the market.


  • Zombie Shooter (game source, Construct 2) ✨
  • Fish Game (game source, Construct 2) ✨
  • Castle Siege (game source, Construct 2) ✨
  • Multiplayer Platformer (game source, Construct 2) ✨
  • Total: ~ 9,000 items

(Packs with ✨ are exclusive)


  • Free monthly updates!
  • Public domain license (suited for commercial projects)
  • Exclusive items not released to the public
  • Includes vector source files where applicable
  • Easy to update using Itch app
  • You support the creation of new assets

Now available!

Included files are PNG, EPS/SVG/SWF, TTF, CAPX or OBJ. The files are compatible with most game engines on the market (Construct 2, Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, open source frameworks, RPG Maker etc.) and work on any platform.


18/08/2016: Version 14 released, adds two new game sources
17/08/2016: Game Launcher 2 released, adds two new games
17/08/2016: Version 13 released, adds new content (~ 240 assets)
05/08/2016: Version 12: Isometric update (~ 3.870 sprites)
02/08/2016: Version 11 released, adds new content (~ 310 assets)
18/07/2016: Version 10 released, adds new content (~ 350 assets)
02/06/2016: Version  9 released, adds new content (~ 950 assets)
25/05/2016: Version  8 released, adds new content (~ 550 assets)
02/05/2016: Version  7 released, adds new content (~ 180 assets)
29/03/2016: Version  6 released, adds new content (~ 270 assets)
16/02/2016: Version  5 released, adds new content (~ 250 assets)
28/01/2016: Version  4 released, adds new content (~ 250 assets)
21/01/2016: Version  3 released, adds new content (game + skins)
19/01/2016: Version  2 released, adds new content (~ 600 assets)
15/01/2016: Version  1 released

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More information

Published325 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsasset, assets, audio, elements, graphics
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


Get this asset pack and 3 more for $35.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Kenney Game Assets 2 (version 14) 105 MB
Kenney Game Assets 2 (game launcher, version 2) 44 MB


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Hey @Kenney, just bought your Komplete pack. I love that you give away a lot of stuff, and ask a modest price for it, but I've got some nitpicking about a few things:

- Every single one of your announcer voices include numbers from one to ten, but not zero, making those sounds useless for many things.

- A lot of the audio is just the same SFX but just different pitch.

- Your 2D isometric sprites are way bigger than they need to be, so each image is mostly empty space. It's just wasteful.

- In Unity, your blocky characters have a SkinnedMeshRenderer per limb? Useful for dismemberment, but at least offer a "whole" one.

- Why not include the scenes you build for the sample images for the 3D modular packs, or make them prefabs in Unity for the unitypackages? It's a great place for people to start, and it massively saves time for your customers.

So yeah, great value for money and the assets are usable. It just requires more "import" setup than I expected.

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

1. You're right, this is an oversight. There's been requests for more lines so we'll hopefully be able to hire the voice actor(s) to record some new lines.

2. While it might sound as such we never include different pitched sounds, they're all unique.

3. We're still working on improving the way we export the isometric sprites, expect an update for those in the near future. The transparent pixels will remain, it is required for some programs like Tiled.

4. Like all of the assets the character wasn't made exclusively for Unity but instead a global file format that is compatible with a wide range of software. It might not work with Unity right out of the box.

5. The sample images get created using different software than Unity (mostly SketchUp), so it wouldn't be possible to include those.

Hi @all

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do I get the Isometric packages?

I am learning UNITY. I am trying to make a RPG. I need some basic models to use in the game. Do your 3d rigged characters have animations?


kenney can you make kickbox game assets please i will thank you very much if you make it tomorrow to everyone thanks

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You can request new assets here!

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ok thanks very much kenney i like request new assets on this page thanks very much


That is really cool. I just now noticed you put some of the 3d models in sketchup format.


Yep! Decided to pack the sources with the models.

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Awesome update! There are however two things that bugs me:
1. You can not stack the images on top of each other because it creates a one pixel thick line between two textures.
2. The outmost border is not quite even.

I have illustrated the problem in a image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8b0231ddlvn857f/kenneyprob.png?dl=0

Perhaps there is something wrong with the render setting? Nevertheless great work!

Thanks for the feedback! You're totally right, should get that fixed. I'll look into the problems, luckily rendering a new set only takes a couple of minutes.

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Hi, Kenney!

The top down shooter (pixel) folder has a huge spritesheet with all the sprites in it. Can you please provide them separately (PNGs like in the Vector Pack) because slicing them inside the engine is messy and the sliced sprites can't really be reused in other engines without re-slicing.

Hey kenney the assets can be used for commercial purposes?? Thanks!

Yep absolutely!

More sprites for 2D puzzle games (match-3) would be great!

Hey Kenney it would be great to see some Halloween themed stuff, like UI, characters and stuff :D

These are great... Even though I'm only dabbling in game development, I bought both Game Assets 1 and 2 today. Any chance you could add 2D resources that could be used to make a "Flight Control"-like game (so planes, helicopters, runway sections, landing pads, background tiles, etc.)?

A simple question, do the sprites have animations? Frame by frame or any other system, it doesn't matter.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

this is my life Space Shooter Extension in kenney game assets 2 i like it i wish it free download sprites in it

Currently, the Space Shooter Extension asset pack is exclusive to Kenney Game Assets 2. It might be released for free in the future, but there's no ETA on that.

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

ok thank you very much

+kenney can you take my new game

Hey Kenney,

Great Set of assets, I got the complete pack, and its wonderful.

a humble request for the future would be some buttons/levers/dials and whatnot for use in control panels and stuff would be great. I like the art style for your assets and have been playing with them inside of a HTC Vive and its a lot of fun.

So if you ever need a new idea for soemthign to add to the pack.... Buttons! :D

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Hey Kenney,

Been a fan of your assets for a while since I found your work on OGA ages ago and I own both of your asset bundles. I was pretty ecstatic to see audio having been added to this one. I almost actually commented on this about a week before the last update and would have mentioned how I would like to see (or hear) some new audio. Keep up the great work! I hope I can produce something with your work to show off soon.

Best Regards,


PS... If I could make a request, though I wouldn't honestly expect this from you, maybe some household assets? I'm working on a design doc for a casual baby management game and need to get some art done for the game..babies, cribs, tables, tubs, etc... Again, though, not expecting anything! But you don't get if you don't ask. ;) Keep on keeping on!

Sus assets son espectaculares! Me gustaria pedir si en los proximos updates pueden meter mas de Topdown Shooter porque quiero meterle muchos muebles de casa a mi juego :)

(Edited 2 times)

English Translation:

These assets are spectacular! I would like to ask if in the next updates can have more TopDown Shooter Assets because I want to put a lot of furniture from home to my game :)

thanks for the translate :)

Hey Bro ! Realy great stuff ! I bought the previous bundle and its great !

I'm looking for tilesets (to use with tiled - mapeditor). do you provide tileset in this pack ? (i mean like spritesheet but with regular size)




I just bought this pack. I already owned your first one and I love it!

I need an XML file for the Top Down Shooter Tile Spritesheet. Could you add one?

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I bought this thing for the "Nautical" pack, which clearly shows fish in the preview, but there are no fish in the actual pack. :`(

I need the fish, please.

(Edited 1 time)

The fish are from a previously released pack, you can download them here (free!):


Hey I just bought this pack, it's amazing! Thank you very much for these!

I happened to notice the Audio folder is empty, am I missing something?

Thanks again.


Audio files aren't in yet, we're still updating the pack regularly so at some point they might get filled :)

(Edited 1 time)

hey kenney can you take my game pixel assets

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