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Continues where the first bundle left off. This package includes sprites, 3D models, fonts and game sources with free regular updates. Compatible with any game engine on the market!


  • Contains 10,000+ game assets!
  • Public domain license (suited for commercial projects)
  • Exclusive items not released to the public
  • Includes vector source files where applicable
  • You support the creation of new assets

Latest updates:

  • 21-02-2019: Various improvements (changelog)
  • 02-12-2017: Final content update! (changelog)
  • 02-07-2017: Added "Sports pack (380 assets)"
  • 02-03-2017: Added overview/preview HTML
  • 01-30-2017: Added Sokoban Pack and Tank pack!

FAQ (click and hold question)

• Does this package includes anything other than content already released for free?

Yes, there's exclusive content not released for free. All the content listed above with a star ★ is exclusive to this bundle.

• Can the assets in this bundle be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, all included game assets are public domain (Creative Commons Zero) licensed.

• Does this package include content from previous/other bundles?

No, only the content listed above is included.

Included contents

Abstract platformer pack (370 sprites)
Sports pack (380 sprites)
Space Shooter Extension (275 sprites)
Topdown shooter pack: Vector (620 sprites)
Topdown shooter pack: Pixel (620 sprites)
Axonometric Blocks (130 sprites)
Isometric Blocks (130 sprites)
Pirate Pack (190 sprites)
3D Rigged characters with skins (15 skins, 8 exclusive)
3D Weapons (30 models + 60 sprites)
3D Modular buildings (100 models)
3D Space interior elements (100 models)
3D Tower defense (115 models)
3D Nature pack (expansion, 180 models)
3D Watercraft pack (30 models)
Rune pack (640 sprites)
Generic items (160 sprites)
Platformer Pack: Nautical (250 sprites)
Platformer Pack: Medieval (270 sprites)
Platformer Pack: Industrial (110 sprites)
Foliage Pack (100 sprites)
Map Pack (180 sprites)
Tank Pack (80 sprites)
Sokoban Pack (100 sprites)
Isometric Watercraft pack (230 assets)
Isometric Minigolf pack (240 assets)
Isometric Nature pack (extended) (750 assets)
Isometric Modular roads (1.200 assets)
Isometric Modular buildings (400 assets)
Isometric Medieval Town (260 assets)
Isometric Space Interior (320 assets)
Isometric Tower Defense (470 assets)
Holiday Pack (150 assets)
Platformer Character 1 (150 assets)
RTS Medieval (120 sprites)
Fish pack (120 sprites)
Tower Defense (300 sprites)
Kenney Miniguides (created assets)
★ Synth Voice 2 (225 sounds)
★ Retro Sounds Pack (65 sounds)
Fonts (13 TTF fonts, plus webfonts)
Zombie Shooter (game source, Construct 2)
Fish Game (game source, Construct 2)
★ Castle Siege (game source, Construct 2)
★ Tower Defense (game source, Construct 2)
★ Multiplayer Platformer (game source, Construct 2)

(Packs with are exclusive)

Included files are PNG (2D sprites), SVG/SWF (vector), TTF (fonts), CAPX (game sources) or OBJ (3D models). The files are compatible with most game engines on the market (Construct 2, Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, open source frameworks, RPG Maker etc.) and work on any platform.


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $24.99 USD
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