Update version 1.1

A new update for Kenney Game Assets All-in-1 has been released, you can download the update by clicking the link below or by launching the itch.io app. It's not recommended to overwrite previous versions, remove all older files first.


  • Added Sketch Town Expansion asset pack
  • Added new monospace font to Other/Fonts
  • Updated Isometric Miniature Overworld (remade, added new tiles)
  • Updated Puzzle Assets (added missing sprites, larger size)
  • Renamed Isometric Detailed Dungeon Pack to Isometric Miniature Dungeon
  • Renamed Isometric Detailed Farm Pack to Isometric Miniature Farm
  • Renamed Isometric Detailed Library Pack to Isometric Miniature Library
  • Renamed Isometric Detailed Overworld Pack to Isometric Miniature Overworld
  • Renamed Isometric Detailed Prototype Pack to Isometric Miniature Prototype
  • Updated preview of Hexagon Base Pack
  • Updated preview of Hexagon Buildings Pack
  • Updated preview of Isometric Vector Buildings
  • Updated preview of Isometric Vector Roads Base
  • Updated preview of Isometric Vector Roads Water
  • Updated preview of Medals
  • Updated preview of Onscreen Controls
  • Updated preview of Road Textures (Classic)
  • Updated preview of UI Pixel Pack
  • Updated preview of Abstract Platformer

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