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Kenney Isometric Assets

A game asset bundle that contains hundreds of isometric tiles. With free updates new content is constantly added. The tiles include a Tiled template and work with any game engine on the market.

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  • Free updates!
  • Creative Commons CC0 (suited for commercial projects)
  • Contains exclusive assets not released to the public
  • Includes Tiled template files
  • Technical:
    • Rendered at 35.264° × 40° viewpoint
    • Image (tile) size is 256 × 512 pixels
    • Tile width is 256 pixels, height varies
    • Also includes 45° top-down (Zelda-like) viewpoint
    • PNG images with alpha channel
  • Support the creation of more free game assets

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Published23 days ago
StatusIn development


Get this asset pack and 3 more for $35.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Kenney Isometric Assets (version 1) 34 MB


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Is there a plan to release the models?

Great Kenney.

You are awesome man.


This guy rocks, you can't go wrong picking these packs up! Keep up the good work.

Amazing Tiles Kenney !

I thought we had isometric assets in Kenney Game Assets 1 and 2 or am I mistaken?

BTW, I love your work! I have purchased both of the packages mentioned but I'm a little confused with this one.

I agree with you

There are indeed some isometric assets in previous sets, but none in the style of this pack. Since the art style is so different I decided to create a separate bundle for these.

There are, however these are semi-realistic isometric assets which are exclusive to this pack..

Will this package get a bit more stuff ? :D

Yep! We'll be creating more packs with content.

i will gladly support every kenney pack till the end of time

Hi awesome pack! I have a request if its possible? I would like to see more isometric characters, would be really usefull to use for the isometric packs! thanks!

All request can be submitted here

Amazing work. Can't wait for more. Thank you.

You're welcome, glad you enjoy it!

Nice pack. Can I have a request? Could please consider rendering normals?

Requests are welcome! What do you mean by rendering normals?

animals and crops please.

probably means normal maps.

(Edited 1 time)

Like lenis said, normal maps. It allows images to be used with 3D lighting. But the best result also requires Z map as well *grin*. In blender there is an option to take those extra images. Following are the examples of it, first one is diffuse (without shading), second is normal, specular and z-map. Model is from Flare project.