KenShape 1.3.1 now available

A new update for KenShape is now available. Big thank you to the community for reporting issues and sharing feature requests. This small update adds support for exporting Minecraft (Java edition) models;


  • Added Minecraft Java Edition exporting (JSON)


  • Fixed drawing issue when using interface


KenShape 1.3.1 (Windows) 23 MB
68 days ago
KenShape 1.3.1 (Linux) 32 MB
68 days ago

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Hey there, just picked this up and am really enjoying playing around with it. Hoping to use it in a new prototype, so thanks for making it!

Just found a couple of small bugs in the latest build that I'm not sure if you're aware of: when using WASD to scroll the view, S moves down+right, and D doesn't seem move the view at all. Arrow keys are working fine, however. Also, when you ctrl+z to undo, it resets the selected colour to the first one in the palette rather than staying with what you previously had selected.

(While I'm here, the ability to draw 45 degree diagonal lines with the line tool would be a super awesome addition, but happy to put that somewhere else if you have a standard feature request process!)


Why is the depth limited to 8 deep? Why not make it 64 deep so you could make a cube shaped object, ie 64w x 64h x 64d?

The limitation is done to make sure models always fit in their bounding box when exporting voxel models, or when drawing UV map textures. You can set the multiplier on the 'model' tab.