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Vyramid is a co-operative VR game, it must be played with 2 players. There is no singleplayer mode available, as that wouldn't be very fun.

Player 1: VR user

The VR player must protect the holy site by shooting scarabs emerging from their lairs. The player is cursed however, unable to see the scarabs.

Controls: Pull trigger to shoot

Player 2: PC user (God)

The PC player must instruct the VR player of approaching scarabs. The environment is full of hints to effectively instruct the player.

Controls: Use mouse to point god ray

The scarabs emerge in waves.

Based on popularity and player feedback this game might be updated and expanded.

More information

Published38 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsFirst-Person, htc-vive, Shooter, steamvr, vive, vr
Average durationA few seconds
Player count1 - 2
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Looks neat, love the style - looking forward to giving this a try!