A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

About the game

Experience the life of Barbara, an ordinary person with very normal daily rituals... or is there more to it? (Made during Global Game Jam 2016)


Use the mouse to navigate (right click to move, left click to interact). You can also walk around using the arrow keys or WASD.


The game can be played using a mouse and keyboard. Windows and Linux compatible, not compatible with other operating systems.

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GGJ 2016 Kenney Land Dream Team
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(116 total ratings)
Tags3D, Exploration, First-Person, Global Game Jam, Point & Click, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes


Barb 2.0.0 (Windows) 32 MB
Barb 2.0.0 (Linux) 35 MB


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good game, LOL

Short but Sweet!

I am on Linux, run the game and only got a dark purple screen with a white don in the center.

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Give me a Sec. I am also on Linux.

Edit: Yes does not work. I did not have time to test it yet.  Well should be able to run it in a vm though.

Hey Kenny. I have followed your work for quite some time. I actually started learning Game Maker Studio as it makes the games I grew up with. I am just doing it for a hobby, won't sell games. As soon as I can afford I'll buy the complete Pack. ( Just started  company so little scrap for cash at the moment ).


it looked promising but couldn't figure out how to interact with... anything

I love this! It's short, but the message is SO strong!

this is awesome:)

OMG, I was just making a game  with "human sounds" for the special sound effects. And randomly see (hear) this game using the same idea. Sweet!

I made a sci-fi game during the week with game maker and added a shotgun sound to bullet effect. I am still new but thought what the heck spaceship + Shotgun = Aliens vs Serious Sam :D

i loved the plot twist

i love it :)

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Nice game! I love the way colors are used, bold and simple. Its a great little story even thought its so short, but I still love it! :D


I loved the little details.

Nice game


Lol loved all the human sounds instead of using a typical sfx, a classic touch :D



iam genuinely confused what the point of this game is


video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a two- or three-dimensional video display device such as a TV screenvirtual reality headset or computer monitor.


i wasn't asking what a video game is i was asking what this specific video game is


I'm still unsure how to answer your question.


Everyone's acting like this deservers a freaking GOTY but I don't understand what the fuss is


We created the game within a weekend during a game jam and it's a short experience, it's obviously not GOTY but it's a fun little experience to play - at least we think.




What is this game supposed to be?


A game.

Deleted 1 year ago

It was made for a 48-hour global game jam. Something short and simple.

the linux version won't start, im running the latest version of linux mint

The music and the art was wonderful, but it was over before I even knew what was happening.

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Really like the aesthetic! Great Job!


It seems like everyone is loving it because of the LGBTQ plot twist, but the game is just to short for you to really get invested or care about the main character.


The game made was during a 48-hour game jam, so there wasn't much time to create a fledged out story unfortunately.

Deleted 227 days ago

I think the word you are looking for is transgender.

Hi if you are looking at this awesome and thoughtout game well, I said some words after it and if you wish to hear them then watch. Its a very deep game about the LGBTQ community 


i am very confused lol :P 


It kinda sorta doesn't work whatsoever for me. Just shows "BARB", then cuts to a (mostly) red-ish screen with a white dot.

Love it, love it, love it! this was a very different game and the way it played out, it was really nice and smooth! good job on creating this game!


Loved the art style of this game and it threw me for a loop!



A very stylish game, for sure.

check out my gameplay

longest game iv ever played 4.5/5 :D sounds were very creepy xD

Looks cool.. i love simulation games!!

Hello! I really liked your game, it looks great and was a really creative way to show off the subject matter! It was a bit short but still great nonetheless. I made a let's play of it here~



I love this. What a beautiful game.


This game ment alot to me. to see that someone knew what it was like for a person like me everyday from a diffrent point of view. to figure out that someone had made such a touching game that has really opened my feelings and to see i shouldent be ashamed of who i am. and that someone else understands my type of community. thank you for making this

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