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are you sure this is free, and you wont get in trouble for downloading this? because, im pretty sure that paint the town red isnt free, and it is on this site


Hey, developer here, the game is completely free to download. We've made the game during a 'game jam' which is where you create a game with a team within a set time period (48-hours) and decided to release it for free, if you ever see it online being sold - contact us!


well not this game, but the paint the town red is being sold for 9.99 on steam


Paint The Town Red is not one of our games, we can't help you with that.

how can i unzip the file on mac because it says that it cant be opened??

The OSX zip archive is working correctly, you might have to download it again.

what an interesting game! I wish I had known about this one sooner! The twist ending really caught me by surprise and I loved it!

Super amazing job! I loved the art style of it!

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Loved the game! I made a video as well if anyone wants to check it out :) Great job guys! BARB | "9AM WAKE UP CALL"

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It was a great short story! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think I had a little bit too much fun with making a video for it! Great game keep up the great work!


Barb Gameplay | LIVING THE DREAM - YouTube


Awesome Game, Loved that all of the FX were recorded using voices simply hilarious! And the Twist! oh the Twist! Brilliant game well done!


Thanks for playing the game, we've had a great laugh with the team! :D

Glad you enjoyed :D make sure to keep up the content !!!

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