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this is such a good game im actually stunned it took me this long to get to it in the Big Bundle. also all the trucks are coded queer i dont make the rules i just enforce them 

10/10 would go flying off a ledge bc i panicked again

Hello Kenney, I was just wondering: what color palette did you use to make the "Kenney • Pixel Platformer" Asset?

Thanks :)

Hey, I generally don't use a color palette and just pick my own colors then try to re-use them across the asset pack.

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Thanks :), you're very talented, I usually can't do anything without a palette haha.

Nice, clean art style, horrible controls like it says on the tin, overall a very nice physics dexterity game!


Well frick me sideways, I reckon I did pretty good!

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why isnt this avalable for mac, it looks so fun but i cant get it since im on mac :((((


We don't support Apple, sorry.


oh oki, well im using some of ur assests to make one of my games

I don’t know why but this game gives off some massive VR vibes

Love it! Works great on Linux and I love the free assets.


A lot of fun!
I read that you're not interested in releasing for mobile but I want to say that this would be so perfect for the Oculus Quest…

Very cool game! Plus, you get free updates and even the steam key. I recommend.

Oh, I really appreciate the Steam key. I like to buy stuff on Itch when possible as I like the platform. On the other hand Steam is _really_ convenient...


Very nice with the key after the fact, thank you! :D

Thank you for the update!

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You're welcome! :)


If it’s only playable for mouse, then why isn’t this for mobile since mouse and touch are almost the same thing?

They're almost the same thing but not the same thing, I'm also not interested in releasing for mobile.

Tru... Mobile games suck

Please do it for macOS


Sorry, we don't support Apple anymore.

Can this run on low-end PCs or do I need to get a newer pc?

I can imagine it can run on low-end pcs as there isn't much to it in terms of graphics


Yep, it's hard to give minimum requirements but if you'd like to know for sure download one of my free games first. If that works, Frick, Inc. will also work.


That's a fantastic trailer. You have done a great job

Any plan to bring this game to android?


No plans to release on other platforms.


Awesome. Got a copy for me and a friend.

My pc is ready


Man, what a trailer! You always make the perfect examples of efficient design its very inspiring!


Looking forward! Extra+ for Linux support!


super cool! will be instant buy (also thx for supporting Linux <3)


Looks Awesome! Can't wait to buy it!