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KeyCars is a multiplayer only game where each player can play using a single key on a keyboard. Press a key to join, then hold that key to turn the vehicle. Clash into players, shoot projectiles or trick them intro driving off the ledge!


Press any (letter) key on the keyboard to join the game, press and hold the chosen key to rotate the vehicle. Drive into other player vehicles to destroy them.

  • Yellow pad: Temporary speed boost
  • Blue pad: Shoot projectile
  • Red pad: Switch control direction
  • Turquoise pad: Jump

Press SPACEBAR to spawn a CPU vehicle (new in version 1.2)


  • Distribution:  This game is distributed for free.
  • License: You're free to distribute this copy and create gameplay videos, commercial use permitted.


  • Development: Kenney Vleugels
  • Game engine: Unity


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KeyCars (1.3 Windows) 29 MB
KeyCars (1.3 Mac OS) 32 MB
KeyCars (1.3 Linux) 36 MB


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Wow, this is fun! Good work, Kenney!

Cool game!

Love the graphics style and that it supports as many players as the keyboard can handle. I could see myself hook this up to a makey makey ( https://makeymakey.com/ ) for a game night. Would need to have some kind of win condition though...

Here are some suggestions for future development:

Win conditions:
Option 1: When a timer runs out the player with the highest current score wins.

Option 2: Configurable number of respawns. Last player standing wins.

For more control of the steering, the direction could switch everytime the key is pressed.

Additional keys:
Would be nice to have the numeric keys work as well. If I hook up makey makeys it'd be good to use 1,2,3,4,5 for players 1-5.

Keep up the good work!

KeyCars has been updated to version 1.3, what's new:

  • 3 new stages added
  • Enhanced physics
  • Dynamic camera
  • Vehicle corner tilting
  • Improved collisions

I love one button games, and this is one of the bests! Please make a "winner is" message when there are no more cars left in the arena... and add gamepads buttons too. :P

That's a good suggestion, will think about it!

Really creative game! Lots of fun too :D


KeyCars has been updated to version 1.1, what's fixed:

  • Fixed issue with pads
  • Fixed issue with audio setting (on/off)

Would love a Mac build of this game, if possible! :)

Both a Mac and Linux version will be released in a few days, after we've squashed some initial bugs in the Windows version. Stay tuned!

Came to the comments for the same request :)

Glad to hear a Mac version is coming, looks like a lot of fun for me and the kids

Added OSX and Linux versions, these are untested however so might not function properly!

Works on MacOS High Sierra, just tested it! Funny game :)

I've just tested the Linux version. Quite a fun game! The only issue I ran into was that it kind of locked me out of my system when I pressed the Fullscreen toggle. I had to switch to another virtual terminal and force-kill the game to recover.


Did the ESC key not work?

Thanks! Works great with a few minutes of testing. Though are we supposed to get points when hitting the yellow speed boost block? Racked up a few just running in circles over that button :)

Yep! Don't worry, when playing multiplayer someone is bound to stop you from doing that - hah.

Confirmed working on Mac El Capitan! Though of course it won't open when you double-click the .app; you have to right click and choose "Open". Full-screen works, but the framerate drops significantly. 

Love the no-config-needed keyboard setup! Very clever!