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Kenney Game Assets
is a bundle containing over 20,000 game assets. The pack includes sprites, audio files, fonts, 3D models and game sources (for use with Construct 2). All assets use a coherent art style and come in various categories.


  • 20,000+ game assets in over 300 categories!
  • Preview bundle content
  • 450+ 3D models, ready to use
  • Licensed CC0 (public domain)
  • Includes vector source files (for vector sprites)
  • Support the creation of new assets
  • Works with any game engine

FAQ (click and hold question)

• Will there be any updates?

No, this package received 40 updates over a span of two years. Currently the content is locked and new content is added in other bundles.

• Does this package includes anything other than content already released for free?

No, all content in this bundle is also available for free as separate downloads.

• Can the assets in this bundle be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, all included game assets are public domain (Creative Commons Zero) licensed.


28/10/2015 (final update):
- Added 'Getting Started with Game Development' guide
- Added 'Generic Items' preview
- Added 'Hexagon Pack'

08/10/2015: Added 'Roguelike Modern City pack'
02/10/2015: Added 'Jumper pack', 'Voiceover pack' and '3D roads'
31/07/2015: Added 'Racing pack' and 'Shooting Gallery pack'
06/07/2015: Added 'Roguelike Cave & Dungeons' and 'Voxel pack'
05/06/2015: Added '3D Minigolf pack' and 'Roguelike Indoors'
23/05/2015: Added 'Toy brick pack' and 'Roguelike characters'
31/07/2015: Added 'Racing pack' and 'Shooting Gallery pack'

Included files are PNG (2D sprites), SVG/SWF (vector), TTF (fonts), CAPX (game sources) or OBJ (3D models). The files are compatible with most game engines on the market (Construct 2, Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, open source frameworks, RPG Maker etc.) and work on any platform.


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $24.99 USD
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