Content update (version 41)

The last update for Kenney Game Assets 1 was released more than 4 years ago. Because I think it's important to make sure everything stays working, up-to-date and in line with modern standards I've released an update for Kenney Game Assets 1. You can download the update by clicking the link below or by launching the app. It's not recommended to overwrite previous versions, remove all older files first.

• General

  • Renamed "Art" folder to "2D assets"
  • Renamed "3D" folder to "3D assets"
  • Moved "Archive" folder
  • Updated link shortcut files
  • Updated "Thanks.txt" file
  • Replaced fonts with newest versions

• Optimization

The following packages have optimized PNG's and are renamed;

Alien Spaceship Pack, Animal Pack, Background Elements, Boardgame Pack, Explosion Pack, Racing Pack, Game Icons, Game Icons Expansion, Game icons Fighter Expansion, Hexagon Assets, Hexagon Pack, Jumper Pack, Medals, Shooting Gallery, Tappy Plane, Smoke Particles, Space Shooter Pack, Topdown Tanks, Toy Brick Pack, Voxel Pack, Character Pack, Puzzle Assets, Puzzle Assets 2, Road Textures, UI Assets, Letter Tiles, Onscreen Controls, Robot Pack, Roguelike Pack, Physics Pack, Isometric Tiles Base, Isometric Tiles Buildings, Isometric Tiles City, Isometric Tiles Vehicles, Platformer Pack Redux, Donuts

• Pack changes

Racing Pack

  • Fixed small spritesheet issues

3D Road Pack

  • Moved to "Archive"
  • Replaced with "Road Pack"
  • Included 4 additional 3D file formats
  • Included isometric and side renders

3D Medieval Town

  • Moved to "Archive"
  • Replaced with "Fantasy Town Kit"

3D Nature Pack

  • Moved to "Archive"
  • Replaced with "Nature Kit"

3D Minigolf Pack

  • Moved to "Archive"
  • Replaced with "Minigolf Kit"

Tower Defense Assets

  • Moved to "Archive"
  • Replaced with "Tower Defense Kit"

Hexagon Assets

  • Changed into two packages;
    • Hexagon Base Pack
    • Hexagon Building Pack

UI Assets

  • Changed into three packages:
    • UI Base Pack
    • UI Adventure Pack
    • UI Space Pack

UI Pack Pixel Edition

  • Renamed to "UI Pixel Pack"


  • Added preview
  • Changed GIF to PNG format
  • Added "empty" smiley

Smoke Particles

  • Renamed green smoke from "fart" to "gas"

RPG Pack

  • Renamed to "RPG Tiles Vector"

Road Textures

  • Added spritesheet(s)

Onscreen Controls

  • Added spritesheet(s)

Roguelike Packs

  • Renamed to: Roguelike Base Pack
  • Renamed to: Roguelike City Pack
  • Renamed to: Roguelike Interior Pack
  • Renamed to: Roguelike Characters Pack
  • Renamed to: Roguelike Dungeon Pack

Platformer Bricks

  • Added spritesheet(s), renamed tilesheet

Isometric Road Assets

  • Renamed to "Isometric Vector Buildings"
  • Renamed "Base pack" to "Isometric Vector Roads Base"
  • Renamed "Water pack" to "Isometric Vector Roads Water"

Platformer Assets Pixel

  • Added transparent spritesheet
  • Added spritesheet without margin
  • Added separated tiles

Platformer Assets

  • Added spritesheets
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Base"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Buildings"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Candy"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Extra Animations & Enemies"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Ice"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Mushroom"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Requests"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Tile Extensions"
  • Changed name to "Platformer Assets Holiday"


  • Moved exclusives to main "2D assets" folder
  • Replaced previews with final versions
  • Moved model files of pre-renders to "3D assets/Pre-rendered models"


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Sep 09, 2019

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Are there any new assets? The update for users who purchased earlier requires to purchase one more time? Can't get it, now if I'd go to the page with my purchase from 8 March 2017 all the assets are as "404 error".

If you've logged-in to the same account you used to originally purchase the package you won't need to buy again and it should show a download link right on this page, otherwise on this page:

This does include some new and updated assets.

a small price to pay for a s s e t s