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An evil dictator has taken control of a town turning everyone into mindless sheeple. It's your job to take it back! You are the leader of the Shepards, a group of rebels who vowed to bring down the evil dictator. As the leader of the rebels you have the power to strategically place strongholds across town.


Use the mouse or W/A/S/D to navigate (right click and hold to move, left click to interact/build). Place buildings on empty lots, attract sheeple to your buildings.


The game can only be played using a mouse and keyboard. Windows and Linux compatible, not compatible with other operating systems.

Created by Kenney, Mick and Kay during Global Game Jam 2017 featuring music by Alan Frijns.

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Copyright © Kenney 2020 | All rights reserved
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Jan 21, 2017
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
TagsCity Builder, Real time strategy, Tower Defense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


Leadersheep 2.0.0 (Windows) 28 MB
Leadersheep 2.0.0 (Linux) 30 MB


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the game crashes while opening it.


Leadersheep Review

This game has its bugs and glitches but it sure is confusing. 

1. The instructions need work.
2.  Esc quits the game
3.  The game is very confusing.
4. It is inverted mouse.

Overall, I rated this game a 1 star because 10 seconds in, I lost.


The game was made back in 2017 during a weekend long game jam, while I appreciate your feedback the game won't be updated anymore.

I made a video on your game although it is in a mini-montage with two other games

Loved it! Always been a big fan of tower defence games! I especially like the idea of using propaganda towers

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That's a nice and funny game, I love it. It's smooth and beautiful (1920x1080-Fantastic on Ubuntu 20.04). VFX-sound is funny as well, many ways to achieve the goal, very friendly for non hardcore gamer like me. Towers are amazing with their different rates.
Thanks Kenney

My best score is 253 rebels remaining at 100% with only 3 buildings (tower on the right was the only one to be upgraded)
Walk-through: 1) build the top one near the exit and wait 2 waves.
2) when second wave is finished build the bottom one.
3) when you have enough money build the right-side building at 23 rebels (faster pulses)
4) then wait the end of the fifth wave to upgrade that last tower to 60 rebels
6) then enjoy accumulating rebels while at 100%


I read through your game description and I really like the sound of it! Is it possible to make a YouTube video and then post the video here?

Have a nice day!


You're free to create a video!

Perfect game! (With 163 rebels remaining!)

1920x1080 to boot!

Upper left and far right first, basic towers, use first "save" to build the tower closest to exit. Save up 50, get far left tower, the replace far right, end, and upper left tower, in that order!

Middle has a "save zone" in the end, that hits em for 80% in a small area...


Amazing game! Please let me know if you plan to make this a full game!

Amazing game, really unique!!

Anyway a nice and unique game. Hope you balance it better(if you ever update).


Who had the bright idea to change difficulty with resolution? I played like 10 times with the highest resolution and lost...


Due to the short period of development (48-hours) there isn't enough time to test the game om multiple systems, it might be that (if your CPU/GPU is not up to performance) the game might run too fast or slow.


I can't get past the first round even if I place the buildings the same way as the people who posted their videos... The "positive influences" are slower in my computer...


Wait a minute.. the lower the resolution is the faster the influence spreads!!


Due to the short period of development (48-hours) there isn't enough time to test the game om multiple systems, it might be that (if your CPU/GPU is not up to performance) the game might run too fast or slow.

Pretty interesting game! And the fact you made it all in such a short amount of time in a way makes it feel much better! I do think that after a while it did feel a little easier after you get the second building in. Overall, I really enjoyed it and would love to see an updated version that was worked on just a bit longer! :D

I felt that the difficulty was fine at the beginning, but it progressively got easier (due to the better structures). Overall, it was an interesting game and a different take on the turret defense genre! I liked it, and I think that if you are going to improve this in the future, maybe add more variety to the waves, rather than just increase speed. However as it is right now, given the time limitation, it is a fine game.

Good tower defense game. But if you improve the game, you shoud improve some animations.

Love the idea, wish it was more balanced. I get you guys didn't have much time, but I'm finding it really difficult to get past the first wave with even scoring 1. Do you have any pointers?


Very nice game guys! Keep it up! Zijn jullie per toeval van Nederland? Aan de hand van jullie namen dacht ik dat als dat zo is: super spel en mooie graphics!


Hey, yes we komen allemaal uit Nederland. Thanks en groetjes!


Nice, leuk dat ik dat kon herkennen aan jullie namen :D groetjes terug!

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lol. Ik ook. 

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We only had a couple of hours to balance the game, we tried our best.

I know. I am sorry I was angry when I wrote that comment.


I like it, but it really needs a pause menu

If only we would've had more time than 48-hours 😉


This game was very interesting and exciting! When you reach the last fortress you've pretty much won, because of how strong it is!