Content update (1.1.0)

Thanks for all the feedback on Creature Mixer! I'm excited that so many people decided to play around with it and share it among their family and friends. I've pushed the first update, here's the changelog:

  • Added option to hide face
  • Added new facial hair tab
  • Added option to toggle between 4 outline types
  • Added the ability to move elements
  • Added ability to reset the creation
  • Added 6 new facial hair types
  • Added 5 new arm types
  • Added 4 new body types
  • Added 3 new hat/hair types
  • Added 2 new face types
  • Added 2 new wing types
  • Changed default creature
  • Fixed compatibility with app
  • Fixed scaling issues on high DPI screens

Feel free to post suggestions and requests below!

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Nov 08, 2021


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I have another suggestion, that seems doable: what about flying creates? I would already be happy with having one set of non-moving feet (other than the current wheels), and a few animated wings. :-)

EDIT: Non-moving feet and animated wings might also enable creating quick "idle" and pseudo-"jump" animation cycles for the same character...


Would it be possible to export a character with different modules?

For example, if I picked a hat for my character to wear, could I have the exported sprite sheet be something like:

Row 1: Character's walk cycle
Row 2: Character hat's walk cycle

That way I could allow my players to choose if they want to wear a hat or not.

If this is possible, it could be expanded with different faces, facial hair, hats, etc.

You can just export a spritesheet of the character without a hat and with a hat, how you implement that in your game is up to you though.

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fantastique ! bravo ...  but is it possible to have the number of the seed and an history when we doom-clic on Randomize ?


This is so cool! I can't wait to make some quick (game jam) games with this. 

It would be even more awesome if you could also export other animation cycles (attack, death, maybe more) for the same character... But I know that's a very tall order, so feel free to ignore it. :-)

Yeah, no more animations will be added because that means having to draw additional frames for each of the parts which can accumulate extremely fast. That's why I've chosen just to include a simple walking animation.

Oh bummer. Understandable.  What about adding some projectile effects or other attack/defence animations in this tool that could work within the basic style of the current character that we could attach manually to this character in our games? So using this same tool, you could have a weapon with a four-frame animation like you do with the character. This tool would also let you customize that effect/weapon. Sure the character will have the basic animation that you have provided but we could still have an attack that could go with it.   Would really expand the possiblities of the kind of games you can build. 


Thanks so much for all you're doing! Is there a guide on using the color picker? I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong, or encountering bugs - I can't get the sprite to actually change colors in many cases.


On the right you can see colors used in the sprite, you click one and then select a replacement color on the bottom. Are you sure there are bugs related to this, I personally haven't found any.

Thanks! I think it's not a bug - I just misunderstood the state associated with the colors on the right.


No worries, I'll take that as an improvement I can make to make it more clear.

I love this and I can't wait to have my kids make monsters with it that I can put into games for them.

That's an awesome idea! Hope you and your kids have a lot of fun :)

Thank you for this fun and easy to use tool! Thanks for making so many helpful and inspiring tools!


Any chance you could add some modes for creating/randomizing crates, tiles, gemstones? (Help for match 3, other puzzle games, platformers, crafting type games.)

Could you add a mode for creating/randomizing starships/spaceships/aeronautic vehicles? (For overhead shooters, RTSes, tower defense, board games, etc.)


Thank you! I'm definitely planning to do more 'mixers' in the future as separate tools similar to this one. Currently working on one that'll be able to craft ships like these.

Excellent! Looking forward to it! :)