Content update (1.4.0)

Creature Mixer has been updated added new content. Here's the changelog:

  • Added saving/loading using a code system

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Feb 08, 2022


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The best polished program for creating pixel art characters i ever seen <3

the only problem is:

the Canvas size is small from the bottom

As you can see the only perfect one that fits is the (No outline version)

the other outline versions/size  have cut from the bottom

that would be epic to see the full character without any cuts :D

Thank you so much for this awesome program !


Thank you! :) The 'cut' is on purpose, since the character will be on the ground and thus the outline shouldn't be visible. This is to make it fit the rest of my available game assets.


oh, make sense now😀


Kenney, you're a god damn wizard.

The sprite swapping ability is something I'm looking for in a pixel art creation tool. Will this tool be able to have custom animations created rather than just idle?


No, if you'd want more poses or animations you'll have to export the sprites and edit them yourself using any pixel art editor like Aseprite.