Content update (1.2.0)

Thanks for all the continued feedback on Creature Mixer! Unfortunately I can't fulfil all your wishes due to scope, time and honestly a bit of technical difficulties I tried to add a few of the best suggestions. Here's the changelog:

  • Added GIF animation exporting
  • Added single frame exporting (click character to toggle frames)
  • Tweaked some interface visuals
  • Interface rendering optimization
  • Improve color/palette selection
  • Added dark mode toggle
  • Added 4 new face types
  • Added 4 new facial hair types
  • Added 4 new hat/hair types
  • Added 2 new arm types
  • Added 2 new leg types
  • Added 1 new body type

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Nov 11, 2021


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What a cool tool this is! I'm gonna try and use this with the 1-bit asset pack.

Feature request: "save" creations?

PS: also sent you a small donation for the tool. 

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I see "" is there any way to actually download this to play in localhost?

Animated SVG or aPNG would be nice!

You are amazing your tools are just great I purchased all of them I simply love them, even if I don't use them that much.


If you use the app you can use it locally.

Great I was not aware of that! Thanks a lot!


We appreciate all of your hard work and effort you have put into this, plus making it so easy to use. :)