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In Davilex Tycoon you get to take control of Davilex Entertainment starting from 1995 all the way to 2005. You decide which games are developed, and how resources are spend. Good luck!


Select the Davilex headquarters to develop a game, each of the parameters has an impact on future sales. After development, select the headquarters again to choose a price for the game and release it. After a game has been released you can select the shop to track popularity (or give discounts), select the press building to request a review or track trends. Don't forget to keep Davi-Account up-to-date, it's a steady monthly income when properly maintained. Select the business building to track customer satisfaction and develop updates at the Davilex headquarters.

The game takes place from 1995 until 2005, in 2005 the game will end and your score (funds) will be shown. The short game lasts around 6 minutes and the long game around 12 minutes.


  • Davilex Headquarters: Develop and release games, develop updates for Davi-Account, hire new employees
  • Shop: Track game sales, set-up discounts
  • Press/media: Track trends, request reviews
  • Business: Track Davi-Account satisfaction


The game only requires a mouse (or other similar input device) to play.


Davilex Tycoon was developed by Kenney (development, visuals) but features additional art originally created by Davilex.

"Dit spel is ontwikkeld als onderdeel van de Davilex Game Jam in 2023. De gebruikte personages, namen, titels en merken in deze game zijn eigendom van Davilex. Deze game is geïnspireerd op de werken en merken van Davilex Entertainment en zijn niet in het eigendom van deze maker. Deze game en alle bijbehorende werken zijn gecreëerd voor niet-commerciële doeleinden en mogen niet opnieuw worden gedistribueerd. ."

Copyright © Kenney 2023 | All rights reserved


Davilex Tycoon (1.2) 43 MB
Davilex Tycoon (1.2) 43 MB

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Neat little game. I think something was wrong with the year tracker. It stayed at 1995. Needs more variety, maybe unlocks.

In Spanish¿? When? never?

I'm afraid no additional languages are planned, sorry!

ohhhh... dont worry .. that's good... 

if you send  txt files.. translate :D  to spanish

Feel free to add this video to the page :)

Done, thanks for the video!

Nice! This one might be a nice one released as a Godot tutorial or example (I know it's currently in Unity) if you ever find the time...

Been grinning ear to ear playing this. It's super cute. A bit on the easy side too I'd say, but that's fine. The Davilex esque vibes really come across well too, well done.

I did have a bug that the game was stuck on 1997? Everything else seems to work fine :)


Good memories, those janky old Davilex games <3
David & Lex would be proud


is there an English version? 


Unfortunately not, the game is only available in Dutch

dang ok


Depending on how bad you want to play it, you can use the Google Lens app on your phone to live translate any text.

Gefeliciteerd en goed gemaakt! Nostalgie-bonuspunten verdiend! :)