Content update (version 19)

A new content update for Kenney Game Assets 3 has been released,you can download the update by clicking the link below or by launching the app. It's not recommended to overwrite previous versions, remove all older files first.

New in this update:

Animated Characters

This package includes a fully rigged and animated model including 4 different skins. It's directly compatible with Unity and Unreal and supports animations from other vendors.

Road Textures

This package is a remake of one of the first packages released in 2013. It includes various road and water textures perfect for creating top-down maps or using as textures on voxel blocks.

Particle Assets (updated)

The update adds sprites with transparent backgrounds instead of only black backgrounds.

Impact Sounds

This package is the first of many to come audio packages. Included are over 100 different impact sounds ranging from metal and wood to various footsteps. You can support our mini crowdfunding if you'd like to see more and better quality sounds in the future!


Kenney Game Assets 3 (version 19) 134 MB
Nov 27, 2019

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