Content update (version 13)

A new content update for Kenney Game Assets 3 has been released, you can download the update by clicking the link below or by launching the app. It's not recommended to overwrite previous versions, remove all older files first.

New in this update:

The isometric asset packs have been updated, each tile has been rendered using new software which offers better details and quality. We've also made it more simple to use with game engines by including Unity and Tiled samples. Also new are characters with different animations and skins!

  • Isometric Dungeon Pack (updated)
  • Isometric Prototype Pack (updated)
  • Isometric Library Pack (updated)

More updates for the isometric tile packs are coming soon.


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Feb 10, 2019

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Love they come with samples :) makes it so much easier to work with. <3

It took me a while to make them properly work in Unity especially, so hope they're useful :)