KenShape 1.1.0 now available

A new update for KenShape is now available. Big thank you to the community for reporting issues and sharing feature requests. This first update of KenShape contains most of the frequently requested additions.


  • Raised color limit from 16 to 32
  • Added undo/redo
  • Added zooming (hold CTRL and scroll)
  • Added image importing
  • Added configuration screen for setting the UI scale
  • Added command line argument for opening files (Windows)
  • Changed name of exported textures to project name
  • Texture atlas now includes all colors, instead of used colors only
  • Improved preview material shader
  • Reduced .kenshape file size up to 25%
  • Reduced draw calls for interface (optimization)
  • Disabled ambient occlusion during drawing (optimization)


  • Fixed optimized model export (missing voxels)
  • Fixed preview disappearing
  • Fixed unwrapped UV values (removed negative values)
  • Fixed voxel model exports getting cut off
  • Fixed GIF exporting on Linux

Features coming up

We're working on more features which will be added in upcoming updates. Exporting will gain more options (like setting the scale), but will also be expanded with Minecraft and vector exporting. More on this soon!

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