Kenney Shape 1.5.0 now available

A new update (and name change) for Kenney Shape has been released. There's a lot of new features and improvements, which means this release will get a temporary 'beta' label until the next release.


  • Added editing the front- and back side
  • Added 10 new shapes
  • Added sample browser
  • Added new samples
  • Added 100+ icon samples
  • Added ability to set SVG output size
  • Added ability to group SVG paths by shape or by color
  • Added CTRL - N to create a new document
  • Added CTRL - O to open a document
  • Added CTRL - S to save the currently open document
  • Added export button to sidebar


  • Changed UI color palette
  • Adjusted lighting in model preview
  • Improved SVG output
  • Optimizations when rendering preview models


  • Fixed spelling error ("Switch depth alignment")
  • Fixed issue where undo would reset the currently selected color
  • Fixed panning issue using W/A/S/D
  • Fixed canvas offset reset when changing documents

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