KenShape 1.1.0 now available

A new update for KenShape is now available. Big thank you to the community for reporting issues and sharing feature requests. This first update of KenShape contains most of the frequently requested additions.


  • Raised color limit from 16 to 32
  • Added undo/redo
  • Added zooming (hold CTRL and scroll)
  • Added image importing
  • Added configuration screen for setting the UI scale
  • Added command line argument for opening files (Windows)
  • Changed name of exported textures to project name
  • Texture atlas now includes all colors, instead of used colors only
  • Improved preview material shader
  • Reduced .kenshape file size up to 25%
  • Reduced draw calls for interface (optimization)
  • Disabled ambient occlusion during drawing (optimization)


  • Fixed optimized model export (missing voxels)
  • Fixed preview disappearing
  • Fixed unwrapped UV values (removed negative values)
  • Fixed voxel model exports getting cut off
  • Fixed GIF exporting on Linux

Features coming up

We're working on more features which will be added in upcoming updates. Exporting will gain more options (like setting the scale), but will also be expanded with Minecraft and vector exporting. More on this soon!

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A very cool tiny app!  (I don't actually need it as I usually use OpenSCAD to produce my low-poly models, but you have given so much to the dev community that I wanted to support you.)  Here are a few thoughts on how I think that you could make it even better!

  1. Mirrored mode for non-symmetrical shapes:  When switched on, a second panel is added beside the first.  (Also include a 'lock' button to only change the current side.)  When unlocked, placing a pixel on either side will place the same color of pixel on the other, mirrored left-right.  Also, when changing the height of a pixel, the height will be duplicated.  When locked, changes only occur on one side.  That will allow folks to make models that are substantially different on each side without needing a major rewrite of the code.  ...hopefully.  :grin:
  2. Voxel Depth: Currently, the height value creates voxels that extend to the center.  I would add a second column of numbers called 'depths'.  If the user control-clicks on a pixel, the voxel will have the height from the first column, but only extend behind it as far as the depth.  For example, when making a car, the wheels could have a depth of 1 so that the final model won't have wheels that are a solid cylinder all the way across the car.
  3. Silhouette mode:  Side and/or top pictures are imported/created to act as masks to further define the model by removing columns that aren't in the picture.   For example, while currently if you drew a car from the side, it would have cylinders connecting the two wheels.  If you also drew a front view, then the section of the cylinder between the wheels would be removed.  This would make setting most of the pixel heights/depths automatic, as they would be adjusted to fit the silhouette.  (e.g.  If you started with a solid 32x32x32 block of pixels and added side, front, and top silhouettes of a car, it would be 90% done with the click of a button, only needing colouring and final smoothing.)

I hope that this helps!
Keith Olson

Yeah this is a good piece of software

I wish I had a chance to use this program but unfortunately I can't -because I don't have a good income + in our country it's cost lots of money-.



I'm terrible sorry for the situation in your country but the price of our software is way below the cost of an average game, please respect that we already tried to keep the price as low as possible.


With some help of Blender and good old MS Paint you can create some really retro stuff! Digging it so far!

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[SOLVED] do you plan of selling this anywhere else? for some reason, I am unable to buy it on itch, even through Paypal

I hope you are feeling better Kenney! I love this tool. I pretty much love all your stuff. But this one is by far my favorite! Do you keep a Trello Page or something similar with a roadmap of what you plan on implementing? I like the fact that it is a simple tool, would love to see a few more features added, but I like the simplicity of it. Do you plan on expanding this to being a powerhouse like Asset Forge or are you looking to keep it simple? Great work on this and great idea! I love it and I will promote this as much as possible. 

Nice tool good job. 

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I would gladly pay twice as much for the option to make flat back-sides.  This one simple (really trying to figure out why it wouldn't be simple, maybe you can explain) feature would greatly magnify its potential!  I bought KenShape with the belief that flat-sided option is inevitable and I'm glad, at least, to see so many other people requesting it.  Weeee're waiting...


I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I do not appreciate getting comments like these. I welcome feature requests, but this is borderline forcing me to add a thing that wasn't even advertised (the website specifically mentions 'Extruding pixels means models look the same from both sides.' ). Next time keep it a request please.

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I tried to reinstall the program to get the update, but everything seems the same. I can't zoom in/out, undo/redo, or have access to 32 colors. Please let me know if there's a way I can update. Thank you for your time!

Hey, are you sure you're using the new features correctly? The 32 colors will only show up if you import an image or color palette that has more than 16 colors. For zooming you can to hold CTRL and scroll, for undo/redo you press CTRL + Z or CTRL + Y. To check the version you're running click the menu icon and on the bottom click 'about'.

Ohhhh I see! Thank you so much for explaining. It seems like everything's up to date. Thank you for your prompt response!


I think its a great program. The main feature ide like to see added is the choice of one/two way extrusion. And then possibly a feature for later as i find im making models in parts for added versatility if i could assemble these without other software that would be great :) great software of course :) 

Very nice work Ken! Having fun messing with this. The import/export functions are great. 


Thank you for the update! Lovin' it so far though it's still kind of difficult for me to get a straight line when I draw my pixel. is there like a shortcut for like the shift key for me to get a straight line?

You could draw your shape in a pixel program and export it as a png, then open with Kenshape and start extruding. Been working like a charm for me. 


Really liking KenShape.

Since the extrusion step is symmetrical, the image is inherently the center plane of the object. I would like to be able to select which direction it extrudes rather than defaulting to both. That way the plane you draw could be top, bottom or one of the sides. Also, being able to extrude more than 8.

I would like shape tools for drawing, such as line, circle, triangle, etc. Paint bucket nice too. So the typical paint program drawing tools.

Great Job Kenny!
would love that there will be geometric shapes ton the side
instead of drawing them  alone over and over again


Great work, would love the ability to turn the mirroring off so you can have a flat back. 

Great Job Kenny!


I wish it would ask me to save when I'm closing the app (lost progress because I thought this was already in lol) otherwise awesome update and tool!


Sorry about that, will add that in an upcoming version.

Excellent update in short time, I bought all your products even without knowledge of what I was getting just because the software is way cool! Is there any way to implemente aPNG (Animated PNG) export? In my opinion is better than GIF also a way to export static PNG, Transparent (PNG), JPG etc would be nice...

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Not sure if animated PNG will be supported but I've got plans to support (static) transparent PNG - no JPG.

Nice for static transparent PNG should be good enough, aPNG would be great the quality of aPNG animations are something else...


Nice one! I'd love to see an option for larger models, like 64x64. (A warning noting if it'll be bad for performance is ok)

On thing I'm not sure, is there a way to switch between the shapes on the left without clicking? Like shift + scroll to make the selection go up/down instead of rotating the shape?


It could be possible, I need to optimize a few things for this to work. Stay tuned!


Absolutely loved using v1.0 so far; the addition of undo and zoom is fantastic! Roll on 1.2!! ^_^