KenShape 1.2.2 now available

A new update for KenShape is now available. This includes fixes for the previous released version, I'd like to apologize for the issues that were present in the previous version. New versions will go through more testing before release to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future.


  • Fixed canvas rendering on Linux (OpenGL)
  • Fixed line tool not working in mirrored mode
  • Fixed shapes not being rotated in mirror mode
  • Fixed shapes not getting reset when removed
  • Fixed not being able to save after changing the depth multiplier


KenShape 1.2.2 (Windows) 20 MB
Apr 16, 2021
KenShape 1.2.2 (Linux) 30 MB
Apr 16, 2021

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Just got this and I would really like more keyboard shortcuts please :)

Let me know which one you like to see specifically.

I would like to 1) Have a way to "paint bucket delete" and a way to select the different tile depth with the keyboard (either + - or 1234568), for instance. Just shortcuts that would reduce the amount of mouse clicks. I would also like to be able to rotate the model a bit more in the model view. Because now I can't see the bottom of the model very well.

While on the depth tab you can already select different depths by pressing keyboard keys, you can also scroll to go through all depth options.

any plans to be able to increase canvas size? I do a lot of 32bit stuff and I want to see what they might look like in this style but quite frankly the canvas is sometimes too short or not wide enough for some things like long swords or bows etc that I've drawn. Also for the fill tool used for depth could you possibly allow it to have the option to only raise the voxels that are touching each other if that makes sense. Like I draw a line then I draw another line two spaces above that one and I only want to raise the depth of the second line right now the fill tool just raises everything regardless of whether or not they are connected/touching.

The canvas size will be increased to 64 x 64 pixels in the next update, this will be the maximum and I personally advise to stay under that for well optimized models ready to use in games. As for the fill tool - I’ll see if this is the intended behavior or not.

does it also work for characters?

What are the export options? 

Those are listed on the official website :)

Nice, ta

Been really enjoying this cool modelling tool so far, I’m proceeding to use it for my future projects!

How about a Circle tile,  a punched out circle tile, a hexagon and a diamond?

I'm enjoying shaping things!

Is it possible to add a PNG export for this I want to use it for 2D game engines :)

SVG exporting is supported, if you export as SVG you can use a program like Inkscape (free) or any other vector program to convert to PNG.

oh great will try that now thank you


Hey there! I really like these new features, but there seems to be a bug where undoing an action causes the selected color to revert to the previous one used.

Just letting you know so you can fix it in the next update hopefully.

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Please note; this is not the correct place to do feature requests, they're often lost and there's no way for me to properly track them. For feature requests please use the form on our website available here


Feature request: Ability to make 64x64 models

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Feature request: Right mouse click on depth numbers to select the depth to use with the right mouse button. In this way, by right clicking will not set 1 as depth but the actual selected number. This will improve the designing process as quality of life change.

For example: I can select 4 with the left button and 2 with the right button.

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Feature request: add a configuration (or make it by default) to show the preview in Draw mode, at the same position of the preview in Depth mode but 'minimized' (to avoid to overlap the draw tools). The preview will use the current block depths as usual. Thanks

This is not possible due to technical reasons, sorry.

Great improvements but I have a problem because when I click a tool the event goes through to the canvas and leaves a square, this would be ok if right click removed it but it does not. Is there a workaround?

That's no good! I'll look into it.

a workaround would be to resize the window, but the UI on a separate layer would be great.  Also I would like to see the depth and drawing on the same screen, then select a number and colour so depth becomes part of painting.

I am already making assets with this and it is great for low poly games

I think it would be cool if there was an option to use the same atlas for every object that's exported instead of exporting the same one for each object.

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This tool is really neat! I have a feature request as well: it would be really great if we could right-click with the fill tool to flood-erase large areas of color- right now, if I want to import an image, removing the background is really tedious. Super cool that it supports importing though & pulls the color palette from the imported image!


Hey Kenney, are you planning on making a Community page for this tool (like with forums and stuff – similar to asset forge) where we can share feature requests and bug reports?

Right now it seems to be impossible to put more than one color on the same tile (like if you do a cutout shape, you can’t keep the base color, it just puts a hole in your shape – and we can’t right click fill to erase a section, etc.)

Also it would be neat if we could define our own custom cutout shapes, and if we could mirror in X and Y at the same time (for super symmetrical objects, like health packs).


No plans to open a community for now, do feel free to do feature requests but bug reports need to be e-mailed (so I can keep track of them). As of your request; that's just not possible technically, the way KenShape works means that there can only be a single shape in each spot - so having two overlapping ones isn't planned to be added. No custom shapes are planned either, sorry.