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Create 2D sprites PNG and 3D models OBJ using Asset Forge! An easy to learn standalone application which creates models that can be used in any game engine available. Available soon!


When will Asset Forge be available?

The first version will be available June 2017.

How much will Asset Forge cost?

The price has yet to be determined, it'll be affordable for everyone. There will be a basic and premium version, the basic version includes all features and models to get you started. The premium version includes no extra features, but does include some exclusive content. Each version includes free updates and is a one-time payment (no subscription).

Which platforms will Asset Forge support?

The first release will be available for both Windows and Mac OSX, later on a Linux version will be added.

What game engines support Asset Forge creations?

Any game engine that can load either PNG sprites or OBJ models. This includes (but not limited to) Unity 2D + 3D, Unreal 2D + 3D, Godot 2D + 3D, ThreeJS 2D + 3D, Construct 2D and Game Maker 2D.

What blocks will be included in the first release?

The following collections will be included in the first release; Aircraft, castles, cars, mech and primitives. More will be announced soon!

Will users be able to create their own custom blocks?

Yep! From the first version Asset Forge supports mods plus instructions, it's as easy as placing your own OBJ models in a folder.

Will my kids or students be able to use it?

The interface is designed to be easily understandable and will include tooltips, shortcut keys and hints. This should make the program accessible to anyone from kids to professionals.