KenShape 1.2.0 now available

A new update for KenShape is now available. Big thank you to the community for reporting issues and sharing feature requests. This second update again contains most of the frequently requested additions.


  • Added 5 new shapes
  • Added SVG (vector) exporting option
  • Added options for horizontal/vertical mirroring
  • Added depth multiplier
  • Added line and fill tools
  • Improved voxel exporting
  • Included default (and new) color palettes
  • Canvas rendering revision (optimization)
  • Tweaked font of depth numbers to be more legible


  • Added check for square image when importing
  • Clear color palette when importing image
  • Fixed preview not updating on undo/redo
  • Fixed color palette not updating on undo/redo

Features coming up

We're working on more features which will be added in upcoming updates, including extended options when exporting models and images.


KenShape 1.2.0 (Windows) 20 MB
Apr 15, 2021
KenShape 1.2.0 (Linux) 30 MB
Apr 15, 2021

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Hello ! Such a fantastic tool, so useful and streamlined. Loving it :)

One thing that I do find a little bit annoying though is the way it deals with mouse position when painting, as I somehow find myself clicking/painting on the wrong tile quite often and I am not exactly sure why.

Maybe it is just the thick border preview that is throwing me off. It might be interesting to see how it feels with it turned off altogether, or maybe having the preselection border highlight be within the tiles as opposed to bleeding outside of them ? 

This is very minor of course but I feel like there is something subtle to adjust there. Now that I think of it I suppose that Minesweeper would be a good reference to look at.

Also, unrelated : color and depth# selection seems to happen on click-release as opposed to on-click, which leads to alot of missed inputs when working fast.

I hope this helps ! And thanks again for this great tool.


Suggestion: Let users use the arrow keys to move the image around in the window.  That way, users can adjust its position if it isn't quite where they want it to be.

Problem: When you add a non-block shape, the background is cut out, leaving a hole.  A better behaviour would be, if a cell is already coloured, to make that colour the background for the new shape, (perhaps) locking the depth for the background to what it was when it was the main shape.  I realize that this might not be a trivial task, but adding non-block shapes onto a background is pretty useful and only being able to use non-block shapes for edges is pretty limiting.

Does that make sense?

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Great Update!  Odd bug, though; some shapes mirror correctly, but some are just rotated 90 degrees.

(Suggestion: make the mirror buttons be toggles so users can use either mode or both.)

Thank you, this issue has been fixed in version 1.2.2. For future reference please do bug reports through our form instead of the comments.

Will do!

Either I am misunderstanding how right click works or there is a bug concerning the usage of right click block erase then later using the fill tool. The erased shape will appear in that fill color. I tried to email the bug but the form keeps rejecting me. 

I'm not sure why the form is rejecting your report, have you downloaded version 1.2.1? This should fix the issue, it was released a couple of minutes ago.

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Hey, nice Job, Kenney !

I have a comment about the behaviour of the new "mirror" tool :  I have the feeling that it looks more like a "clone" tool, because I expected that the shape should be rotated ?

In an illustrated way, with "vertical mirror" I expected more that :

instead of that :

Your simple tool is a great idea, please continue to work on it !


Yeah sorry about this, it was mentioned by another user too - it'll get fixed soon.

Loving this so far! As a pixel artist, it’s been a fun way to build some 3D skills! One bug and one question:

The bug: On Windows, when I undo with Ctrl+Z, the selected color changes to whatever the first color in the palette is.

The question: Did you remove the shapes for chipped-up metal? I can’t seem to find them now. Going to try a fresh install.


Sorry about that bug - I'll look into it! No shapes were changed or removed from earlier versions.

I think I have the same kind of problem :

I clean red triangles (with right-clicks) and then I want to use "Fill" with yellow full-block inside the shape :

Result after one click :

Thanks! Please report bugs by sending us an e-mail, they get lost otherwise.

Ah, you know, I think I wasn’t remembering how to get the effect of chips and dings; rewatched some of the videos and got it now. Thanks!

Great update.  Great tool.  I'm glad you're keeping it simple.  The line tool and mirroring options are especially appreciated.  These are not related to depth/symmetry mirroring, I thought at first that was the mirroring referred to in the update.  For what it's worth, if you need flat-sided models now, you can use a utility like meshmixer (or any tool 3d-printing people use to chop up models for printing).  

Fantastic! Thank you so much for making quality asset building accessible to people. This and assetforge are wonderful, and that fill bucket is going to get some serious mileage! :)

Hello Kenney! I wonder if there will ever be a version for MacOSX?

There's no version for macOS planned as I stopped supporting Apple products, there is an unofficial method to get KenShape working on macOS.

Sad to hear that, but thank for your help anyway! Keep working on your projects, they are awesome!