KenShape 1.3.0 now available

A new update for KenShape is now available. Big thank you to the community for reporting issues and sharing feature requests. This second update again contains most of the frequently requested additions.


  • Added 64×64 project size
  • Added depth generation based on luminosity
  • Added depth generation based on color palette index
  • Added depth generation based on noise
  • Added hotkeys for switching modes (F1 to F4)
  • Added option to export as flat PNG image
  • Added scaling option when exporting a model
  • Added size option when rendering GIF
  • Added background color option when rendering GIF
  • Added framerate option when rendering GIF
  • Added panning (Arrow keys or W/A/S/D)
  • Added panning reset (Home key)
  • Updated to latest Unity version


  • Fixed issue when importing DAE in Blender


KenShape 1.3.0 (Windows) 23 MB
Jun 24, 2021
KenShape 1.3.0 (Linux) 32 MB
Jun 24, 2021

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So far 64x64 has been good but one issue is that right now when you try to click any of those buttons at the top at least for me you always end up clicking on the canvas which often ends with me filling my canvas with a color by mistake or leaving random dots so I think those buttons should be moved off to the side when using 64x64 and also possibly mapped to 123456 on the keyboard for ease of use or some keyboard shortcut (I am not sure if there is already a shortcut since I usually just click the buttons).

The biggest feature I'd kinda would like to see would be non-mirrored sides; A possibility to create the depth and coloring for the other side, based on the mirrored profile of the forward facing side. Just for funsies, to be honest.

This is unfortunately not possible due to the way KenShape works technically.

I know (about the technical side now, too), but a person can dream :p


Heya Ken, I've been really tempted to pick up your app. Is there any workflow that will allow the creation of non-symmetric designs? Even if it means creating two  shapes and joining them after creation?

Thank you for making this.

Is there any chance it will be available for macOS?


No, we don't want to support Apple as a company. Here's an unofficial workaround to get the software working on Apple devices.