Content update (1.2.0)

Ship Mixer has been updated added new content. Here's the changelog:

  • Added saving/loading using a code system
  • Added 10 new parts

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Feb 07, 2022


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I cannot purchase or download this tool from this screen, so wondering why it has the add tool to collection option. This tool was one ide liked or set aside later to purchase at a later date.

Hey, this is not for sale - it is a free tool so you cannot purchase or download it.

Awesome I intend to donate a bit more for your work than previously have done, certainly never helps that a person cannot go back to an old purchase and donate later

Hi , how to get large-size image?

Thank you for being part of my education.

That looks really good, great job!

Thank you.


Hi , how to get large-size image?

I used a pixel resize in decades old software, PSP7. The free Paint.NET will resize pixels with "Nearest Neighbor" selected as the resize method.