The future of Asset Forge

Last year Asset Forge received 6 free content updates added numerous features, fixing bugs and adding almost 400 new blocks. The next update is planned to release soon and will add some commonly requested features like recently used blocks, favorites and vertex snapping. Expect that update to hit next month.

Asset Forge for macOS

I've been pretty vocal about my thoughts on Apple and over the last couple of years it hasn't become easier to support the company or platform. My (2011) iMac is starting to become inadequate for testing and officially isn't supported by Apple anymore. Recent changes to the company might mean more 'security' features (forcing developers to get an Apple developer certificate) and a different CPU architecture to develop for.

I can't continue supporting this and will drop macOS support for the next major version of Asset Forge (known as 3.0), updates to the 2.X versions will still be available for macOS as that's fair to people that purchased Asset Forge for their device.

Asset Forge for Linux

Over the last couple of months I've become more knowledgeable on the Linux platform and updates will continue to release for Linux platforms, including the next major update known as 3.0. Please do continue submitting any issues you encounter as this will help improve the software for everyone.

Asset Forge 2.X

Updates will continue to release for Asset Forge 2.X however they'll be limited to fixing issues and adding new content like blocks or sample models after 2.1.2 releases. Since I've started development on Asset Forge 3.0 the focus will be moved to that version of the software.

Asset Forge 3.0

Asset Forge 3.0 is a complete rework of the software running on the latest version of the engine, improving on every aspect. I've personally learned a lot about coding, UX and by gathering feedback I am confident I can take the software to the next level. I've got no idea yet whether the version will be released as a free update, or become a separate premium upgrade - as soon as that's known I'll do an announcement regarding this. There's no release date yet, I'll be posting previews on Twitter when available.

Early preview of 3.0 showcasing improved 2D exporting tool

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asset forge had been a godsend for me! modeling has never been easier. With a little brain power you can make pretty much anything! Would love to see improved texturing and maybe even a built-in repository where custom blocks can be shared across the community more easily.

Hey Kenney, just bought AssetForge DeluxeI was on the fence until the sale, and it's amazing :)  

I can think of two major upgrades that I'd like:  One would be to make AssetForge browser based, like Construct 3. Being able to use software on a Chromebook (the school I teach at  uses Chromebooks and Chromeboxes exclusively) would help bring your software to the educational space, I for one would personally advocate for this.

I've been developing a game using Construct 3's browser-based system and being able to use it anywhere, either on my chromebook or on my phone without having to install it is just too good.

All this being said, I probably wouldn't use AssetForge on my phone, for anything other than texturing, but the portability of browser based would give me the option eitherway. I've never connected a mouse and keyboard to my phone :)

2nd upgrade would be the ability to animate models but hey, perhaps there is piece of software similar to yours that caters for animation. I'll have a look.

Congratulations on Asset Forge and I look forward to using it in my games and other artworks :)

As a fellow developer and teacher who uses Construct 3, I second this!  I would be willing to pay a yearly fee for access to a web-based version of Asset Forge.

$100/year for the tool would be worth every penny!

I purchased the original Asset Forge ( Do I have to pay again to get Asset Forge 2.x?

What you linked to is Asset Forge 2.x, so you already own it.

Thanks, I've since discovered that and downloaded it 👍😊

Would really love to hear more about Asset Forge 3.0. I come here every month looking for an update... Anything related to it would be great! (even knowing if it's still in development or not would help)

Thanks for the hard work Kenny :).

Thanks for the interest! Unfortunately things have changed a bit and currently not working on a new iteration since I believe that even a new version wouldn't introduce many new useful features. Hope you understand, sorry I couldn't keep my promise on this.

I see...Thanks a lot for the update! Too bad to hear that (was really excited about the possibilities - but hey! I'll still keep dreaming and checking from time to time :) ).

Will be keeping an eye out in general for your releases. Wish you all the best!

I went and looked on the Twitter over the last few months (back to August-November) and noticed there hadn't been any word on Asset Forge in that time frame. Any updates on this?


Seriously bummed about dropping MacOS support. I have a spanking new MacBook Pro M1 and it's wicked fast. Oh well.


Please keep us posted when you know more about whether 3.0 will be a separate product, it would be unfortunate to buy this then find out the next day that 3.0 is a different product.

It won't be a separate product, it'll either be free or paid upgrade.

Then I will probably wait until we find out which it is, and, if it is a paid upgrade, for when it is released so I'll know what the full price is.

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I mean if you really want to wait, it'll probably be awhile. You can buy 2.0 right now and get its price discounted when you upgrade, just like he does for the 2.0 standard to deluxe upgrade. Deluxe costs $40 but when you upgrade it only costs $20.

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Asset Forge is worth every penny, as is all Kenney Assets (I've purchased each and every one, though it wasn't necessary).  I am no artist!  I'm too technical for that...  I need the wonderful efforts of people like Kenney.

For those offering to pay for an upgrade, I think you'll find Kenney won't do that (from my experience), but that does not mean you cannot donate more money to him.  There is nothing wrong with becoming a patron.


I just wanted to say thank you for the continued updates. I just found your tool and am amazed by the ease of use and  quality.  I would gladly pay an upgrade price for AF3.  Thank you for the Linux support, works flawlessly.


I really wouldn't mind paying for and upgrade to get Asset Forge 3, I currently have the deluxe version and is very well worth every penny. Cant wait for the new version. Keep up the great work!

Very cool. Cant wait to see it. Love asset forge.


I’ve been keeping my eye on this, but my weapon of choice is a Mac so I’ll have to try and figure out a way to integrate the Linux or Windows version that isn’t too painful. Regardless, I’m a fan of your work so keep it up!


Thank for the Linux support!


Will Asset Forge ever be free?


That's very unlikely, if you don't want to spend money I'd recommend checking out our free game assets which are...well, free!

Good thing I’m building a Windows PC… Keep up the good work all the same


You can run any OS on any other OS via virtual machines, so that's not really an issue anymore. :)


Performance is an issue with these latest updates… there’s a difference between running and usable. In any case, Windows machine is complete!


Thank you. Looking forward to it