Asset Forge 2.1.2 now available!

A new update for Asset Forge has been released, this version adds vertex snapping, recently used blocks, favorite blocks and tab toggling between input fields. Before asking for support please be sure to read the documentation and especially the troubleshooting section. Thanks! Here's the full changelog.



  • Added vertex snapping (press V to toggle)
  • Added section for recently used blocks
  • Added section for favorite blocks (right click to toggle favorite)
  • Added tab (and shift + tab) to toggle between input fields


  • Change: Small performance improvements
  • Change: Holding shift while rotating rotates counterclockwise
  • Fix: Fix for loading model files with alternate line separation
  • Fix: Selection doesn't rotate when batch exporting 2D sprites


  • Added 4 blocks to the 'Mech' collection
  • Added 16 (tank) blocks to the 'Vehicles' collection
  • Fix: Fixed small issue related to 'Trains' collection

Please keep reporting bugs and requesting features over at the community.


Asset Forge 2.1.2 (Windows) 42 MB
Jan 20, 2021
Asset Forge 2.1.2 (Linux) 53 MB
Jan 20, 2021
Asset Forge 2.1.2 (Mac) 46 MB
Jan 20, 2021

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like the tanks did.
I love

Asset Forge fits for Windows 7?


I'm not sure, it uses the Unity runtime which might not work on older systems however again - can't tell for sure. It might be best to check a different Unity game, if that works Asset Forge will most likely also work. Here's a free game you can try;

I will try. Thank for fast answer



You’re the best! Love all your stuff!

Just did some research, interesting little program.

Might just get it! 

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the "vertex snapping" feature. This is very useful!


Thank you Kenney!