Asset Forge 2.0 preview-1b now available!

Here's a smaller update for Asset Forge mainly adding new content and fixing some critical bugs. Download the new version using the launcher or by going to the store page and downloading version preview-1a.


Additions and changes

  • Added camera rotation controls *(numpad)*
  • Quicker dragging in number input fields
  • Now sleeps in background
  • Disabled IL2CPP for the time being


  • On create new project, change project name to Untitled-X
  • On opening a project, change project name to file
  • On saving copy, change project name to copy name
  • Fixed issue with MTL importing
  • Fixed glTF exporting


  • Added 45 blocks to the new 'Ships' collection
  • Added 45 blocks to the new 'Blasters' collection
  • Added 30 blocks to the 'Vehicles' collection

Please keep reporting bugs and requesting features over at the community.


Asset Forge 2.0 preview-1b (Windows) 41 MB
82 days ago

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Hey, I recently purchased the software and I love it.  I am a mac user, and I saw that it was updated 2 years ago. Is there any plan to update the mac version as well, as I would love the new features of it

Yep! Will be updating to 2.0 soon.


hi, when can we see the linux release?

I can't give a date for that currently.

is there a way to just have the new blocks in the previous version?
ps: your tool is Amazing, i want to thank you so much. this is a life saver for indie developer. Also i want to thank you for your Amazing free assets (i decided to buy the tool in the first place just to support your work, then i realize it was so impressive)


Likewise a Mac Build for preview1b build would be great please

Will it be possible to import models from 1.3 to 2.0?

Good evening, 

if we had buy the previous version, can we have the release 2.0 for free or do we have to buy it another time ?.. 

I bought the Deluxe version, that's why I'm asking ^^'

The 2.0 update is a free upgrade for everyone!

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Glad you are back! Got lots of positioning and scaling bugs, but I am loving the new parts. I think I'd prefer a separate move, scale, and rotate widgets though.


Looking forward for the macOS version to test it out 😀

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Oh heck yes! I used v1 to create furniture assets. Here are some samples (books, sink, oven, toilet):

Excited to try out v2 for some more of the same.


That looks really great!

Nice :) Thanks!