Asset Forge 2.0 preview-1c now available!

A new update for Asset Forge 2.0 has been released, this version adds several often-requested features but mostly fixes bugs and adds new blocks. Here's the full changelog.


Additions and changes

  • Added 8 camera presets to 2D sprite exporting
  • Added 32-angle batch to 2D sprite exporting
  • Added uniform scaling (hold control when scaling)
  • Added ability to load .collection files (more information on that later)


  • Fixed issue regarding camera up/down movement
  • Fixed undo states for painting and texture selection
  • Fixed undo states for scaling
  • Fixed issue related to saving (filename)
  • Fixed issue loading model file with spaces on empty lines
  • Fixed issue when loading models regarding UV maps
  • Fixed issue when saving/loading models regarding texture scale
  • Fixed glTF filename to "glb" in file dialog(s)
  • Fixed issue regarding batch rendering angles
  • Fixed issue when dragging/rotation/scaling
  • Updated internal file browser framework
  • Set default option for vertical sync to on


  • Added forge.exportSprite(int size, string path)
  • Added path)
  • Added forge.load(string path)


  • Added 35 blocks to the 'Dungeons' collection
  • Added 25 blocks to the 'Foliage' collection
  • Added 4 blocks to the 'City' collection

Please keep reporting bugs and requesting features over at the community.


Asset Forge 2.0 preview-1c (Windows) 41 MB
Apr 27, 2020

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I bought this software and my only problem is on exporting sprite i want to export it to custom canvas size 256x512. Is there any way to do that even at lua script?

Kenney, I have some requests or advice for asset forge; that users will surely appreciate it very much.
(translated with google translator)

DEFINITELY USERS WILL ENJOY MUCH OF THIS if it will be introduced :)
1) Introduce the possibility of installing THIRD PARTY EXTENSIONS for asset forge, so that ASSET FORGE through the EXTENSIONS BECOME VERY USEFUL AND SIMPLIFIES THE CREATIONS OF MODELS A LITTLE COMPLEX (always low poly).
ASSET FORGE. BUT (MAYBE) perhaps DEVELOPERS OR THIRD USERS will do so, TO PLACE EXTENSIONS FOR ASSET FORGE made it very useful asset forge; If this possibility will be introduced in asset forge! :)
1.B) (perhaps) it may be difficult to introduce this possibility of installing extensions for asset forge, BUT NOT

Should I buy this or the other one? This is the same of the "Asset Forge Deluxe" + new features?

Asset Forge comes in two versions, the standard and deluxe version. Both versions get updates regularly but deluxe has some additional blocks included - features are the same.

i think this software would be great if available on steam too.

There are no plans to release on Steam, sorry. With you can choose to use their launcher but also download the executable for Asset Forge without using a launcher, so it's better than using Steam.

yea, unfortunately my problem is the payment system. in steam we could use voucher's instead cc.

I'm not sure what vouchers are but on you can pay using both PayPal and credit cards :)


Thank you so much for this update! Any schedule on a MacOS build?


The plan is to keep releasing preview updates and once "2.0" (no preview release) has been released it'll be brought to macOS and Linux.

Thanks for the quick response! Guess we'll have to stick to 1.3 for now.


Looking forward to the Linux variant.

Looking forward to the Linux Version.

Why not release macOS & Linux builds of v2 - early testing is always a good thing.