Asset Forge 2.1.0 now available!

A new update for Asset Forge has been released, this version overhauls the world-based UV mapping for better compatibility. Before asking for support please be sure to read the documentation and especially the troubleshooting section. Thanks! Here's the full changelog.



  • Overhauled texture tiling fixing all known problems
  • Added options to place selection on floor or in center


  • Fix: Batch sprite exporting angle offset
  • Fix: Creating new materials in some previously saved files
  • Fix: Clear memory after exporting 3D model
  • Fix: Material shader reset on exporting 3D model
  • Fix: Painting materials through hidden blocks
  • Fix: Unhiding blocks when in material tab
  • Fix: Fixed duplicate name in 'Mech' collection


  • Added 30 blocks to the 'Mechanical' collection
  • Added 5 blocks to the 'Castle' collection
  • Added 5 blocks to the 'Roofs' collection
  • Added 4 blocks to the 'Blasters' collection
  • Added 4 blocks to the 'Vehicles' collection
  • Added 2 blocks to the 'Primitives' collection

Please keep reporting bugs and requesting features over at the community.


Asset Forge 2.1.0 (Windows) 43 MB
25 days ago
Asset Forge 2.1.0 (Linux) 58 MB
25 days ago
Asset Forge 2.1.0 (Mac) 49 MB
25 days ago

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I see the GLTF fix is still pending, any ETA on when Windows export of GLTF will return? Otherwise, great tool thank you Kenney!

Later this month!


Thank you for the update and new blocks to play around with, Kenney. As always greatly appreciated. I was hoping to see some train related blocks and parts though. I sent you an e-mail about it and you mentioned it may be coming in a future release. Keep up the great work - best $40 I've spent :)


Thanks! Still planning to add those train objects, they take a bit longer to create because I want to make sure parts fit together but are also modular enough to create different objects.


That's excellent news, thank you! I would rather wait and know I get the full Kenney quality, than get something rushed. Take your time :)

What is asset forge I still dont get it? Is it a 3d modeling software?

You can find all information on The software allows you to create models by combining and mixing together pre-made blocks, similar to Lego.

Are there any system requirments since I dont have a graphics cards


There's no specific system requirements available although Asset Forge might take many resources to run, so it's recommended to have a dedicated graphics card available.

Hello @Kenney, I bought Asset Forge a month ago, how can I download its update ? The links above don't work. Thank you

Hey! Thanks for purchasing :) You can download the latest version here!

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Hi @Kenney before buying, I wan to try it with my custom made block do you provide any trial version for this software?


There's no trial version available however you can e-mail me some custom blocks and I can show you how and if they work in Asset Forge.

Deleted 10 days ago

Asset Forge will never be free, if you don't want to spend money or don't have the money to spend on this please check out our free game assets.


Roblox allows you to create and export models as well. Unless you're making a Roblox game, it's very limited.