Asset Forge 2.1.1 now available!

A new update for Asset Forge has been released, this version adds helpful tips (optional) and an often requested option to select through the grid. A large new collection of 50 (!) train blocks has also been added! Before asking for support please be sure to read the documentation and especially the troubleshooting section. Thanks! Here's the full changelog.



  • Added tips (plus option to disable)
  • Added option to select through the grid


  • Change: Several small performance improvements
  • Change: Changes to splash screen
  • Fix: Fixed exporting glTF files
  • Fix: World-based UV mapping for custom blocks not yet placed
  • Fix: Prohibit loading textures for custom blocks *(this is unsupported)*
  • Fix: Remove special characters from block names that break saving
  • Fix: Optimized code related to gizmo


  • Added 50 blocks to the new 'Trains' collection
  • Added 2 blocks to the 'Western' collection
  • Added 2 blocks to the 'Greebles' collection
  • Fix: Fixed small issue related to quarter_sphere in the Primitive collection
  • Fix: Fixed small issue related to window_rounded in the Wall collection
  • Fix: Fixed small issue related to debris_wood in the Castle collection
  • Fix: Fixed small issue with duplicate name in Blaster collection
  • Fix: Golf holes are now passthrough

Please keep reporting bugs and requesting features over at the community.

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I bought this several months ago - and can't find the version number as the About box brings you to your site.  How can I determine what version of Asset Forge Deluxe I have and how to install this update?  I can't find anything in app or docs on update process or where to find them...

Check the splash screen when starting Asset Forge, it'll say the version number in the upper left corner.

Thanks I have 2,1,1 but I saw you have 2.1.2 out now - how do I update to that?  

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Thanks for your work Kenney ! Asset forge really is an incredible piece of software !

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Ive spent large amounts of money on other software only to have them go to a monthly fee. I no longer do business with ether of them. 

Will this be a more reliable purchase? Or are you also planning on doing a monthly subscription?

P.S. I don't mind donating here and there and I do understand your hard work deserves funding, but it would be nice to know ahead of time rather than the shady surprise.

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I'm absolutely not planning to do a subscription fee because I'm personally against such a set-up, you can bet on that because is the only platform I sell on and they don't even offer the option hah.


Thank You Kenney. I went ahead and made the purchase +$5.00 for beer.


Awesome! every update is always exciting

Thank for the update ;) This is such a great tool!

Been waiting for this blocks! Thanks for the update.


Choo! Choo! Sweet update - thank you Kenney <3

You're welcome! :)