Version 1.3 now available!

A new update is now available! This update adds all of the most requested features. We're working on the overhaul and this will be the last update on the old code base, the overhaul update will also be free for everyone.


  • Added undo/redo (CTRL + ZCTRL + Y)
  • Added clone block(s) (C)
  • Confirmation on new modelload model and close
  • Hold CTRL while rotating to rotate selection by 45 degrees
  • Added 2D render preset: Oblique (3 Quarter)
  • Added 2D render preset: Oblique (Dimetric)
  • Added 2D render preset: Oblique (Frontal)
  • Added 2D render preset: Oblique (Gentleman)
  • Added 2D render preset: Oblique (Top)
  • Added option to add outline to 2D render
  • Added option to zoom camera for 2D rendering
  • Added option to batch render 2D sprite in 16 directions


  • Changed collection cycling to arrows (cycle back and forth)
  • Optimized thumbnail generation
  • Changed layout of 2D sprite rendering dialog


  • Fixed common bug in thumbnail generation

You can download the new executable and replace your old version, for automatic updates install the app.


Asset Forge (Windows) 44 MB
Version 1.3 Jan 10, 2018
Asset Forge (Mac OS) 61 MB
Version 1.3 Jan 10, 2018
Asset Forge (Linux) 65 MB
Version 1.3 Jan 10, 2018

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what a great piece of software Kenny. Been looking at it for a few weeks and had to buy it. This will deffenently save me build time on games. Look forward to the update, I bought the deluxe version to open everything. Need a sprite software like this.

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.

When do you expect to release the overhaul update?


It should be out before the end of the year, planning to do a pre-release version first so everyone can test the new features.


I'd really love the next update to have 32 and 64 to the 2D sprite sheet render. This would make this tool perfect for 2D sprite dev. 


Dear Kenney,

Just one doubt. Can we import custom textures on this version ?