Nearing completion

Using the newest feature of (devlogs) we'll be keeping you up-to-date on Asset Forge production and updates. You can join the online community to ask questions and make feature suggestions. The first version is on track with only a few more things to cover, here's what is left:


There are still a few tasks left to correctly save and load project files using the custom Asset Forge file format, mainly custom textures and block models. The format does not contain mesh files for blocks, but if a user tries to open a project file while missing custom blocks it'll show a list of missing blocks and proceed to load the rest of the model. The custom file format is human readable and can be written outside of Asset Forge, this will allow for custom exporters from i.e. Minecraft or MagicaVoxel.

Here's a sample of a .model file structure;

Sample .model file

Custom data

Custom block data and textures has yet to be implemented. The base structure is working but still needs testing in regards to exporting and saving/load project files. Custom textures might not be included in the first version just yet, custom blocks will be in there though.


Documentation (and videos) on the use of Asset Forge and guidelines for creating custom content have yet to be written


So far only two complete collections are in: aircraft and castles. When the main features above are in we'll start creating loads of blocks, which are really easy to add for us.

All in all there's still a fair bit of work left and we might push Asset Forge release to early next month. We'd like to offer a finished product from the first version instead of going early-access or alpha. Hope you guys understand, stay tuned for more updates!

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