Version 1.1.0 now available!

Version 1.1.0 of Asset Forge (standard and deluxe) is now available, it fixes some crucial bugs which refrained some people of using the tool. We've been closely reading all your requests, bug reports and feedback and working hard on adding new features - stay tuned for those!


  • Configuration option for UI scale (retina screens)
  • Last placed block is automatically selected
  • Press ESC (escape) to cancel block placement
  • Use U, I and O keys to rotate blocks on any axis
  • License file attached for included blocks (CC0)


  • Center point is now a tiny arrow to display north
  • Blocks can now be scaled up to 20× their size (instead of 9.5)


  • Object(s) are now deselected when clicking the material tab
  • Backspace deletes the currently selected block (fix for OSX)
  • Reset document when opening a .model file
  • Fixed issues related to the color picker
  • Fixed issue related to normal calculations
  • Grid doesn't cast shadows on blocks anymore

You can download the new executable and replace your old version, for automatic updates install the app. app

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One new thing as well.

When using "I" and "O" to flip items. Maybe I don't fully understand what they are supposed to do. But when using them it seems they don't keep the scale of the object correctly.

Nice! This is awesome support. Thanks!

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Any chance any of these features are coming?

Select multiple blocks at once.

Copy/paste blocks. Included with above.

When hitting "New" if I have not already saved please prompt me or open a new screen for the new work-space otherwise it just deletes everything I've been working on.

Moving a block after its been placed. Meaning going back into the placement phase for the piece.

Rotate blocks at every angle instead of just 90 degrees on the different axes. 

Thanks. Its a great tool.

LOL LOL at the clicking new on the menu. I had that problem myself a few times until I got used to it. But it was still pretty surprising to find that new button where I thought the file button would be.