Version 1.2.0 now available!

The first large update to Asset Forge is now available! Version 1.2.0 adds new features, new content and fixes a bunch of issues. It also introduces multiple block selection and adds new control methods.

Breaking change: models (.model) saved prior to 1.2.0 are not compatible. This is due a change in block display which in the future will make features like duplication, undo etc. possible.


  • Ability to select and manipulate multiple blocks (hold SHIFT)
  • CTRL + A selects all objects
  • Hold CTRL while clicking and dragging to easily select multiple blocks
  • Show error message when missing custom blocks in .model file
  • New workspace: Sky (day)
  • Shortcut (F11) to take screenshot of screen without UI
  • Shortcut (F12) to take screenshot of screen
  • Zoom using plus and minus keys
  • Click and hold middle mouse button to drag
  • Instead of pages the toolbox is now a scrolling interface
  • Configuration button to clear thumbnail cache


  • Changed on-screen hints system (optimized, more information)
  • Toolbox objects are now 2D sprite thumbnails (cached)
  • Compressed all assets bringing the file size down by ~ 40mb
  • Remove dialog window animations
  • Temporarily hidden "huge" option for 2D export until revision
  • Ability to zoom out farther (max. distance 15 instead of 10)


  • Custom blocks can now contain groups or hierarchy
  • Fixed anti-alias issues (edges, leak)
  • Fixed rounding issues
  • Fixed saving and loading issues (position, rotation, scale)
  • Fixed issue with normals being flipped for some blocks
  • Center grid arrow now hidden in 2D exports
  • Fixed grid (bottom) z-fighting
  • On saving/exporting file extension only added when required


  • New collection: 30× City blocks (+ 10×  deluxe)
  • Castle set: 2× Walls with hole and crack (standard)
  • Castle set: 2× Brick and wood debris piles (standard)
  • Castle set: Arch wall (standard)
  • Castle set: 5× Gallery wall parts (deluxe)

New city collection blocks:

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I think it would be nice if there was an importer, the homemade model imported and then scaled correctly. I work very reluctantly with blender and with other external editors.

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Please help me! How can i update my version? Win10  btw.

Head on over to the store page to download a new version, you can replace the one you downloaded before. If you're using the app it should automatically update to the newest version.

This is such an awesome update!!

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Very nice update with a lot of useful features! I just get an error when I try to run AssetForge through Itch with the following message: 

An error occurred while launching Asset Forge
application crashed. process exited with code 1

I hope to see this fixed soon! :)


Thanks! You can follow the instructions here to get it working, we'll be fixing this issue soon.