Version 1.2.1 now available!

This patch fixes some issues and replaces all sample models with working versions.


  • Added 'ultra' quality setting which provides highest form of anti-aliasing
  • Add the $ character to your custom object to disable automatic UV mapping
  • Added new sample models


  • Changed scaling handles to billboard sprites
  • Lower clipping plane distance
  • File browser shows only compatible formats (model, obj, png and fbx)


  • Fixed all sample models
  • Fixed issue when creating new document while block(s) selected
  • Fixed issues related to custom object saving and loading
  • Fixed compatibility of OBJ with Assimp
  • Fixed issue with block placement (saving)

You can download the new executable and replace your old version, for automatic updates install the app.

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(2 edits)

I'm still getting block artifacts in the preview sidebar (first saw in Asset Forge Deluxe 1.2.0) for Aircraft (screenshot) and  Vehicle (screenshot) blocks. The other types are fine.

I have the Ultra setting for quality, so I believe I'm on AFD 1.2.1.

Okay, I think this is actually due to the app sandboxing? When I launch the game from the app with sandboxing on, the Aircraft and Vehicle block previews are messed up, and the Open/Export dialogs have trouble opening some paths. 

When I turn off sandboxing and launch from the app or launch the exe itself, the previews and paths are all fine. Not sure if supporting sandbox is on y'all's roadmap or not, but it'd be cool if you did as it's a useful feature from itch.