Development update #2

In this development update I'd like to highlight some of the new (or improved) features for Asset Forge 2.0. It's still on track for a release really soon but I'd rather build a really solid version than rush it out, so please have patience - it'll be worth it.


The gizmo for positioning, rotating and scaling blocks has been completely remade and now features free rotation, plane movement and scaling multiple objects.


A new feature is locking blocks. When pressing the "L" key you can lock the current selection, after it's locked you can't select the blocks anymore. You can press "CTRL + L" or select the menu item to unlock all blocks in the current project.


Similar to the locking feature you can also hide a selection of blocks, this is great in situations where you need to view or edit blocks hidden behind other blocks. If you're building a house you can group the roof blocks and then hide them to work on the interior!


Instead of scrolling you now flip through pages of blocks in collections. The main reason for this change is an incredible performance increase especially when viewing all available blocks (a new feature), or large custom collections. This also means that instead of creating cache files for all blocks in a collection, it'll only create the blocks which are currently visible. This also increases performance.


You can also now filter blocks by name. If you hover over a block in a collection you'll see its name, you can enter any (part) of a name to filter just those blocks. If you select the collection "All" you can search through all available blocks.


There's a new feature to remove unused materials in your library, you can now also set the smoothness and metallic values for each material. Custom textures will be supported and there's a new texture browser which supports folders!

Stay tuned for the release of Asset Forge 2.0 soon, a free update for all customers.

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This is looking really good, some nice improvements - nice one Kenney!

Will the "hiding" feature be respected by the exporters too?

I'm mainly thinking of the 2D export to simulate exporting layers (via hiding blocks) that can be reassembled on the engine side from the exported images. 

It would also allow exporting of 2D animation frames, for example:
1) Hiding a whole plane model and exporting a few images of just the propeller rotating.
2) Export the plane without  a propeller.
3) Layer the images back together in the game engine. 
4) When played back you then a full plane with an animated propeller.

This was one of my requested features a long while back, so I really hope it's possible as it would be so useful!

I also really hope you have managed to fix the "visible seams" issue in the 2D exporter as that has been a killer for me using the current version for 2D at all.

Keep up the good work and have a great Xmas and New Year! :)


All I want for Christmas is, Asset Forge 2.0.

Looks insane, I can't wait!
I'm open to beta testing (going to purchase it first), if needed, or required. I'm good at breaking things and code! lol :P

Looking great! good work so far :D

Hype! Thanks for the updates~!