Development update #3 (delay)

It is with heavy heart that I have to report a delay in development of Asset Forge 2.0. A couple of weeks ago my hard drive suddenly stopped functioning, it wouldn't boot anymore and made clicking noises. After gaining some advice online I decided to hire a local data recovery company who will disassemble the drive in a lab and attempt to recover the data. I'm expecting news around the end of January.

The last back-up is about 3 months old meaning a lot of progress has been lost. While waiting for the data recovery (it might be unsuccessful, although they've confirmed that at least some of the data might be recoverable) I will focus on aspects that had yet to be done in order to keep the 2.0 update on track.

I'm terribly sorry for this, this is completely my fault and in the future I'll take serious measurements to make sure this can never happen again. I'd like to thank the Pixeland community for helping me get through this data loss and offer development help on Asset Forge, cheers!

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Will I Be Able To Build 2d Assets With This Softwere

Hey, fantastic piece of software - really sped up my game building process.  Any news on the update?  Have you managed to salvage anything from the the HDD failure?


Hey thanks! Currently working on the new version (still, yes) and not further than before the HDD failure. Nothing could be salvaged from that unfortunately, but as said I'm actually further along than I was before :)

ooooh. Fantastic news! The program is great! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Thank you for responding! Regards.

are you almost done? did you remade the blaster parts also?

You can follow progress on our Discord channel, The blaster parts were not lost.

Any update on situation or progress? Thanks!

Unfortunately the data couldn't be recovered but already working on getting a new preview version out, I'd suggest checking our Discord channel (#assetforge) for updates.

Please !!! added 3D text to button and UI.

I'm not sure what you're asking for, sorry.


There are two kinds of people:

-one's that do backups

- and one's that will ;)


Any news about the data recovery attempt?


Unfortunately no data could be recovered, at all. I'm hard at work re-recreating all the code however and almost ready to publish the first development blog on that!

Sorry to hear that no data could be retrieved at all! I'm happily using v1.3 to create some low-poly assets for my game. The simple and straight forward interface makes it very easy to use, and I can quickly make some new assets whenever I need. But definitely looking forward to a new version! :)

How's the update going mate?


Sorry to hear about this Kenny. I would recommend looking to a Synology 2 bay NAS. You can set up a local git repository on it and have it running in RAID so data is backed up and then turn on whatever off-site backup syncing for redundancy.

If you do look into a Synology, I highly recommend the DS218+ or any + model as you can upgrade their total RAM.

Você pretende implementar no futuro para que seja possível criar personagens?

Probably not, the program would never work perfectly with characters so I don't think it'll fit.

Este software também pode criar personagens?

Nope, there's no built-in blocks available to create characters unfortunately.


You don't use a VCS ?


Usually I use GitHub, although the project wasn't added to the usual GIT.

Have you looked into online backup solutions? But, yeah, this happens... happened to me.


Yep, in the future there will be both on-site and off-site back-ups.

I'm sure you can do the work again, you still have the same skills! So all you really lost was just some time and maybe some ways of implementing things.

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Oh, sorry to hear that, dude. Shit happens.  But if you feel like you need to rush it to make up for the lost data please don't, as the saying goes "haste makes waste"

Hope everything will turn out good with the recovery and future development!


Save early and save often.  Its hard to remember this in heat of the project so having a external cloud autosave is good.


I know this might sound odd, but personally I'd vote to just wait for the recovery team to finish before moving forward.  I'm sure you have other things you can work on, and the break might give you some cognitive space and time to make a better product once you start moving forward again (either with current or 3 months old).

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Damn man! Now I feel bad for asking when it's coming out. I feel for ya bud. I had that happen to me last year and I lost everything. I now back up everything. Hopefully it's all ok and you can get it all back. But even if it doesn't work this might be a good thing. When it happened to me I think it made what I was working on better. Peace brother Happy New year to you and your family.

Sorry to hear that Kenney! Hope you get your data back!


Don't blame yourself.  It's just bad luck and I'm sure you'll be the backup jesus from now. :)


Hah for sure! I've upgraded my cloud storage to 1TB, made sure GitHub is properly set-up for all projects and once the recovery disk comes back I'll set-up a RAID with two new drives with a monthly back-up to an off-site drive.


That's not your fault, keep up the good work and continue! (You make better things when you start over again)


+1  and happy holidays to both of you ^_^