Development update #4

A new update for Asset Forge is long overdue, I've been planning the 2.0 update for a while now but other projects demanding my attention and various setbacks (including data loss) made it impossible to release a proper and stable update. It's time to change that, and speed up development.


To improve the code base and make sure a new release can be created quickly I've decided to gather a team instead of working on Asset Forge just by myself. I've shared the source code with two new team members who will help out programming, they're currently in the process of going through existing code in order to start expanding.

Once the new team members have started programming and made contributions to the project their names will be made public, stay tuned!

Preview release

We're planning on releasing preview versions of 2.0 before the final release. These preview releases will not have all features in place and might even be a bit more basic in terms of features than the latest stable release of Asset Forge (1.3).

By releasing these pre-release versions we hope to be able to squash bugs early on and make sure 2.0 will be miles better than previous releases. During the releases of preview versions you'll still be able to download the latest stable version, 1.3.

We hope you're excited about this and hope to be able to share news soon - stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

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This is fantastic news! I used the previous version inside some prototyping during the year, this update could help me immensely. Great stuff! Thank you to all involved.

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How are things going with the rewrite Kenney, all good I hope?
Still on track for a December release?
Also, could you confirm if this bug has been fixed in v2.0?*crosses fingers and holds breath*

Indeed, hopefully AF 2.0 is still on track! :-)

The program is very good, but a better camera management is really mandatory. We need a camera system similar to Unity or Minecraft (WASD QE - camera free movement). Then F to change pivot for rotation (like Unity). Last but not least the possibility to change camera speed. I really hope we could find these improvements in V.2  Thank you


Is there any news since the last development update described above? Absolutely love your tool so far in use for my ThreeJS projects - but have been waiting months in excitement for the new version. Obviously you guys need time but i was wondering if there was any new information available regarding the new development version.


Hey, yeah the new update will be released in December!

YAY! Great!!!

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Great news that everything is getting back on track after the data loss - what doesn't kill us makes us stronger - and hopefully in a strange way will mean v2.0 is better than ever with the new team members on board.

I hope v2.0 can add some extra export options for 2D and remove the killer bug for me that has seams showing between blocks on all generated images making it unusable for 2D image export.

Extra camera options for zooming / scaling etc would also be very helpful for the 2D export, as well as toggleable layers to hide/show blocks and allow exporting of each layer individually and allow them to be rebuilt on the engine side and make 2D animation possible.

I suggested this with an example of use on the forum a while ago, but if you need more info on what I mean please don't hesitate to ask!

Looking forward to the early release and helping shape this into the must have tool for both 2D and 3D that it deserves to be.

It's great to see some action on this. If it has better granular rotation, resizing, and zoom features for larger scenes and especially better palette management, it will be so good.

Do you have some idea of when the prototype will be ready to beta?



This all sounds good. Happy to help if needed!

It's nice to know everything is on track again, specially after a big data loss. 

Thank you!


Thanks for the update, I was a bit getting worried :D

I believe AssetForge is really a valuable tool, and had I known you could have found useful to have a few extra hands, I'd have just signed an NDA and sent you my CV just to keep the project going :)

With your mind having to take care of so many projects, on a personal note I believe that delegating some work has been the right choice.

I'm looking forward to test the new versions :)
Please maintain some retrocompatibility with the block collection assets! ;)


> Please maintain some retrocompatibility with the block collection assets! ;)

This is the whole point of using asset forge for me, the easy entry and rapid development with the blocks.

Good news - keep up the good work.  A great application should get even better.

Great news! When can we expect the demo versions