Asset Forge 2.0 preview-1 now available!

The latest version of Asset Forge is now available for download. This preview release marks the biggest update of Asset Forge yet, completely rewritten from the ground up to bring numerous of new features (listed below). In the coming months we'll be rapidly releasing new preview versions based on community feedback, after the preview releases are done we will port Asset Forge 2 to other platforms including MacOS and Linux.

Known issues:

  • The undo/redo function is still under construction, it might work but it...also might not work. Save often and check the save data folder for a recovery file that's often saved if you really mess up.
  • Automatic UV mapping might break due to new optimizations, we're overhauling this.
  • It'll always ask to save, no matter how many times you've saved.
  • It's sometimes hard to see when blocks end up below the grid, if they're below the grid they can't be selected. Lower the grid (button in toolbar, or press page up/down) to select them again.
  • The amount of blocks and collections is lower than previous versions, we'll be releasing content updates with new preview releases. The goal is to double the amount of blocks available by the end of January 2020.
The preview version(s) might include bugs and not work like you expect it to. If possible, please report bugs at the community forums or at Thank you!

New additions:

  • Set size of grid plus rotation snapping
  • Switch between a square and hexagon grid
  • Set grid opacity
  • Set the height of the grid
  • Choose collections using a dropdown menu
  • Search blocks using keywords
  • All block models have been improved and expanded (new collections)
  • Block/texture caching at start (improved performance)
  • Move, scale and rotate blocks using the new gizmo
  • Switch between local and global movement and rotation
  • Lock and unlock blocks (locked blocks can't be selected)
  • Hide and group blocks
  • Change block properties in the new properties panel
  • Focus camera on selection by pressing the F key
  • Further zoom in and out
  • Select different shaders for materials
  • Set material options (like metallic, glossiness) and texture scale
  • Textures are organized in folders
  • Ability to color pick materials in model
  • Merge previously saved files
  • Set exported model scale and orientation
  • Export 2D sprites and 3D models using side panel
  • Select and use presets for 2D and 3D exporting
  • Added STL, DAE (Collada) and glTF file format for exporting 3D models
  • Create custom Lua scripts for advanced editing/procedural generation
  • Custom texture support
  • More settings for visuals (ambient occlusion, outline, shadows etc.)
  • Access all functions using the new menu bar
  • Complete rewrite from UnityScript to C#
  • Improved workspaces

Please excuse the time it has taken to get this update released, there were a lot of setbacks including data loss. From now on updates will be much more regular, feel free to request features or share the word!

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Hello there, I have purchased a Deluxe Edition after testing the starter version of Asset Forge. I love how easy this is to use, and is really powerful in its simplicity and versatility. 

I do have a question, is it possible to rotate the textures on Asset Forge. I was curious about this while tinkering with some small seamless textures.  With that said I do love what I've been able to create with this really well made tool. Thank you for your efforts and take care!

Hi, will you be supporting linux in version 2?

Yes, although I've got no date yet but 2.0 will release for both Linux and MacOS.

la fonction dupliqué bug, ce serait bien de mettre un système de pivot pour rendre la chose plus intuitive (comme celui du déplacement) sinon c'est parfait

Sorry I don't speak French, could you ask your question in English? Thanks!

(I translate)

The duplicate feature has issues. It would be great to add a pivot system to make the thing easier to use (like the one used to translate) otherwise it's perfect.

Hm, I need to know which issue the duplicate feature has in order to be able to fix it.

I agree with the "pivot" feature. It's primary in many situations (actually in all cases the object you create isn't still, because when rotating it the pivot position can't be 'random' or lateral). I'm obliged to use Blender just to move the pivot and this can be very annoying.
It shouldn't be hard to add this feature, isn't it?

It is, the pivot positions aren't random but chosen strategical depending on the object. Wheels and things like airplane props have their pivot point at the center because developers might want to rotate and animate those, but walls all have them at the side of a 1 x 1 x 1 grid space to make sure you can quickly build structures. Sorry, a "change pivot" function isn't going to be added since it's technically impossible with the way models are saved.

I speak about the duplicated fonction "shift" maybe i used badly but it s don t works, 

there is also a pivot function if I understood correctly that rotates around 15 degrees, it would be good to just add a pivot rather than pressing a key to rotate it each time (it just allows you to go more quickly) otherwise it is not essential either

You can press CTRL + C and CTRL + V to copy and paste a selection, you can hold Q to show a rotation gizmo which you can drag to rotate.

when we carry out CTRL + C and CTRL + V the only concern is that it does not copy exactly in the same place (a detail which is important if we want to chain or if for example we have to resize elements (so we will say that they are no longer on the original grid), it becomes a bit annoying to replace them each time, sometimes we are not sure that we are in the exact place which leads to verifications in the long run it makes me want to close the software (but I believe in you, that's why I support the project, there is great potential in the future) . i will try to hold Q next time i open the sofware :D 


We'll add cloning in a future version, thanks for the suggestion!

Im having an issue with 2.0, im stuck at (thumbnail caching 61%)

Could you send an e-mail to, please include the player log found at C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Kenney\Asset Forge\output_log.txt

Very glad it is getting close to release. I'm on Linux, so no preview for me, but still grateful.

Played around with 2.0, it's working really well! Though I have a couple of notes.

- If you save your model and then go to File>New, and then you try to save again it overwrites to the last save file you saved to without even prompting you about overwriting or asking what you want to save as. Lost a model due to it (not a big deal, I'm mostly playing around at this point and I know anything I make may not live)

- The scaling handlings (especially for up/down) like to moving in inrregular increments or directions contrary to how you move your mouse. It seems like rotating the camera can reset this behavior or may even occur at certain camera rotations. Can do more testing to narrow down what is going on.

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Finally it's out 😍

Just curious: is Deluxe 2.0 also going to get more content? 

Also: since Deluxe and Upgrade to Deluxe cost the same, is there any reason to get the upgrade instead of a full product? 

I mean, is the Deluxe version going to be any different from the deluxe Upgrade version?

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New version looks great.  Spins a lot of CPU when idle though, I don't know if you can do anything about that with Unity as a base though.  It'd be nice to have a rectangle select to select everything at once for scaling.

Still looking into more optimizations however Asset Forge isn't the lightest program and it's running a full, realtime 3D engine so it might just take up more resources than other applications would. Good features suggestion, I've added it to the to-do list.

Once 2019.3 is released(assuming you're on 2019 for this app), you can use OnDemandRendering to lower the framerate when nothing is going on.

Currently Asset Forge is on 2018, that is the LTS version of Unity that's recommended for releases since it contains the least bugs. Once 2019 is available as LTS version I'll upgrade.

Hi, this is great, any estimate for Macosx?

Somewhere early next year, I first want to make sure all other features are stable before porting to MacOS and Linux.