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Nonogram puzzles evolved!

Pixross is an exciting collection of nonogram style puzzles from the creators of Armor Logic. Solve hundreds of puzzles in various game modes, or try the exciting adventure mode which integrates a fully fledged role playing game!

Game modes

Puzzle mode: Normal play mode with various rule variations including;

  • Flashlight mode (limited puzzle visibility)
  • Rock mode (random hints covered by rocks)
  • Bomb mode (one mistake and it's over)
  • and more!

Adventure mode: Exciting role playing adventure game.

World mode: Solve puzzles and learn about various cultures.


  • Hundreds of logic nonogram puzzles
  • Each puzzle playable in various game modes
  • Extra unlimited procedurally created puzzles
  • Play custom music and use a custom background image
  • Many gameplay settings for difficulty finetuning
  • Download new (free) puzzles using secret codes
  • Windows and OSX compatible


Producer: Kenney (kenney.nl)
Art: Kay Lousberg (kaylousberg.com)

Published Aug 28, 2017
StatusIn development
Tagslogic, nonogram, picross