Update 1.4.0 (new content)

A new update has been released for Pixross adding new content and features, see the full changelog here:


  • Added 10 plant themed puzzles
  • Added 3 plant themed backgrounds
  • Added 2 Halloween themed backgrounds
  • Added option to hide puzzle thumbnails
  • Fixed issues displaying percentage of unlocked customizations
  • All puzzles have been checked for logic solving (see below)

The following puzzles have been improved and/or fixed;

Art, Ballet, Bat, Bug, Fishing, Gecko, Headphones, Hot Dog, Jellyfish, Kite, Liberty, Lumberjack, Octopus, Office, Pine, Pottery, Proposal, Sleigh, Star, Tic-Tac-Toe, Truck, Umbrella and Vine.


Pixross (1.4.0, Windows) 38 MB
Oct 12, 2021
Pixross (1.4.0, Linux) 39 MB
Oct 12, 2021

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Love the aesthetics of this game. It looks gorgeous. It is a great game to introduce people to picross and I have recommended it to friends, but I do hope you can "fix" the fade clue option so it can fade out regardless of if you have the correct places as long as you have the same number of solid boxes. Also, it should not fade out if there is nothing to indicate which clue has been identified. For example, if I have (3,3) in a row of ten boxes. If I have identified 3 boxes but I am not sure if they are the first or last 3 in the row, it should not fade out. If the first 3 boxes where at the beginning of the row and it must be the first 3, then it should fade out. I hope this makes sense. 

Additionally, would love if you could add undo and redo option.

Thank you.

Does anybody have any codes for additional levels? Apparently they were distributed on the website etc. but I can't find them.

I found two codes on Twitter

  • "boterham" : unlock Netherland's puzzles
  • "happyhalloween" : unlock Halloween related puzzles

If there are other codes to unlock more level, please add... 

Hey! I see no other place to comment so I'm commenting here. Just finished the game and I wanted to comment on some stuff:

- If you fill a row too fast the game won't register all the tiles you've gone over and will leave some spots.

- With penalties off, this happens


The first thing was kind of annoying because it made have to purposefully go slower but the second thing, when I noticed it, ruined parts of the puzzles for me and should probably be fixed

Oh right, there's also the fact that there is a single puzzle that's 20 columns. Why. Not that it mattered much but it felt so weird to find that as I was finishing the game

Is there any way to disable it immediately showing your mistakes? I found the setting to disable penalty count, but is there a setting that would essentially just 'let' you make mistakes?

Yep! Turn off 'penalties', it's the first option on the puzzle tab in the options.


After I updated to this release from 1.3.0 my right and middle mouse buttons no longer work in the game.  :(  (Windows 10, Logitech mouse with G HUB running, but mouse buttons not remapped.)

Hm, this shouldn't happen and nothing has changed regarding the mouse controls. Are you sure this happens only in 1.4.0 and not in 1.3.0? It seems unlikely that this is due to the update of the game.

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Hmm, you're right, I restored a copy of 1.3.0 and it's broken too now.  Very weird -- I assume there's no "break my mouse buttons" option I might've set by mistake?  Buttons are also working fine on desktop and in other games.  Oh well, no worries, it's clearly something specific to my environment -- I'll figure it out sooner or later.