Update 1.1.0 (new content)

A new update has been released for Pixross adding new content and features, see the full changelog here:


  • Added 10 new 'Holidays' themed puzzles
  • Added 2 new 'Holidays' themed backgrounds
  • Added 2 new 'Holidays' themed tile styles (snowflake and star)
  • Added option to disable colors during gameplay
  • Added ability to toggle clues by hand (only in non-automated mode)
  • Added Steam achievements
  • Fixed issue related to delayed sound effects
  • Raised price of gashapon machine
  • Improved puzzles: Painting, Tea, Crab and Goldfish

The game is heading to Steam soon, you can add it to your wishlist here (if you already own a copy on Itch.io you will receive a Steam key soon, free of charge). Adding the game to your wishlist supports me and makes sure that more people get to see the game on the release day!


Pixross (1.1, Windows) 37 MB
Dec 10, 2020
Pixross (1.1, Linux) 37 MB
Dec 10, 2020

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Hello !

About the Steam key, what is the procedure to get it back ?
It's cool to have a DRM-free version, but if I can also have a Steam version, I really interested ! (For the automatic updates and because I like to collect these useless things we call "achievements"😓)

I'm waiting from approval from Steam but they'll be distributed soon. You'll receive an e-mail, then through your Itch.io account you can claim a key :)

Thanks a lot for this quick answer 😃

Nice! This game looks awesome! Hopefully you will get more people buying it. The promotional video is awesome too.