Update 1.2.0 (new content)

A new update has been released for Pixross adding new content and features, see the full changelog here:


  • Removed feedback when penalties disabled — No feedback or penalties
  • Added random puzzle generation (5×5, 10×10 and 15×15)
  • Added ability to pan puzzle — plus an option to reverse controls
  • Added two new Steam achievements — completing 100, and 150 puzzles

Thanks for your feedback and reviews - all of these features were added after being requested by players. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!


Pixross (1.2, Windows) 37 MB
Dec 17, 2020
Pixross (1.2, Linux) 37 MB
Dec 17, 2020

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Hi, it seems like i lost progress when i updated from the release version to 1.2. Where can i find the savefiles? Maybe i can find the old ones.

EDIT: found the file but it was overwritten when i opened the new version. I assume this is not meant to happen? :)

EDIT 2: False alarm :) if this happens to you, check if you have itch security sandbox turned on in the itch app settings: 

If you do, it puts the save files in a different place than if you don't, so the game has no way to know if you have any other saves.

You gave me a tiny heart attack! :') The save location might indeed be different when using the launcher, the new update shouldn't overwrite or remove previous save files.

Im so sorry :D  ill make sure to put updates at the top of my comments next time