Update 1.2.1 (fixes/improvements)

Pixross has been updated! Thanks to your feedback we've made a few changes and fixed some bugs, especially related to the 'no penalty' manual mode:

  • Improved drawing controls in 'no penalties' mode (see below)
  • Improved visual of clue selector outline
  • Fixed issue related to clue completing in 'no penalties' mode

Improved drawing controls

From user feedback we gathered that drawing either a tile or a mark (cross) shouldn't overwrite what's already on the board, more so when either drawing or deleting it should *only* draw or delete but not override other parts of the board.

Again, thanks for your feedback and reviews - all of these improvements were done after being requested by players. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!


Pixross (1.2.1, Windows) 37 MB
Dec 19, 2020
Pixross (1.2.1, Linux) 37 MB
Dec 19, 2020

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